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Live Webinar: Using LinkedIn for Demand Generation

  1. 2 Using LinkedIn for Demand Generation Amanda Halle Senior Manager, Marketing LinkedIn Jen Agustin Group Manager, Marketing LinkedIn
  2. • Got a question? Submit it in the Q&A box. • Tweet along with #LinkedInDemandGen • Follow us for more: @LinkedInMktg How to Engage with Us
  3. Let’s Talk About • What’s the Buyer’s Journey Really Like? • Rethinking Demand Generation with LinkedIn • LinkedIn’s “Secret Recipe” for Demand Generation • Q&A
  4. Today’s Buyer’s Journey The only thing predictable about it is its unpredictability.
  5. It’s a challenging world Before customers reach out directly Source: Forrester, “Buyer Behavior Helps B2B Marketers Guide the Buyer’s Journey,” October 2012
  6. It’s a challenging world Pieces of content are consumed before a purchasing decision is made Source: Zero Moment of Truth Study, Google
  7. It’s a challenging world
  8. Display advertising Social media marketing Content marketing Today’s Approach Email marketing SEO Paid search
  9. Increase targeted reach and quality conversions The challenge: Fill out a form* Open emails** Opportunities captured *B2B campaign form conversion rates range from 1-5%, Sirius Decisions Benchmark Survey. **Ayaz Nanji, “Email Open and Click-Through Rates: Benchmarks by Vertical,” MarketingProfs, May 13, 2013
  10. We Can Do Better.
  11. Missed Opportunities 4. 95% of website visitors don’t fill out a form. 3. 61% of B2B marketers aren’t using mobile marketing. 1. No less than 17 people are involved in influencing major enterprise tech purchases. 2. Forty-four percent of B2B buyers researched company products on a smartphone or tablet in 2014 5. 80% aren’t opening emails. 6. Half of business decisions are made outside of the office.1. InformationWeek, 2. Acquity Group LLC 3. SiriusDecisions 4. eMarketer 5. MarketingProfs 6. B2B Marketing 1. 2. 3. 6. 5. 4.
  12. Drive more effective marketing Increase awareness Build brand Shape perception
  13. Increase awareness Build brand Shape perception Drive more effective marketing Improve lead quality Increase conversion Drive pipeline and revenue
  14. The only full-funnel professional platform Onsite Display Network Display Sponsored Updates Sponsored InMail Lead Accelerator Full-funnel analytics & reporting products that impact every stage of your funnel and get results
  15. How Can We Rethink Demand Generation?
  16. Rethinking Demand Generation with LinkedIn 2. Tap into the value of anonymous website visitors 1. Investing in the top of funnel to drive bottom-funnel conversions 4. Reach prospects where they’re most engaged 3. Tailor messages based on people and interests
  17. Let Top-Funnel Programs Drive Bottom-Funnel Conversions • Longer buying cycles in B2B/high- consideration B2C • Need to get your brand in front of prospects early and often to seed demand • The more interest you drive at the top, the more conversions at the bottom of the funnel
  18. Reach and engage more than 380M professionals on LinkedIn and across the Web Build Awareness with LinkedIn Onsite Display and Network Display
  19. • Increased brand awareness and targeted web traffic • Nearly 5x increase in the number of daily website visits from legal professionals “With LinkedIn Network Display, we’ve become a leading brand in our space, and LinkedIn has been a key contributor to our success – getting MyCase visibility with the right people at the right time.” Sarah Bottorff, Director of Marketing, MyCase Raise brand awareness PROFESSIONAL SERVICES
  20. Turn Anonymous Visitors into Customers • Website visitors are valuable and are interested in your brand • 95% aren’t converting right away—how can you keep your brand in front of them?
  21. LinkedIn Lead Accelerator Nurtures Everyone. Everywhere Online. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Desktop and mobile Facebook News Feed Display Ads LinkedIn & SlideShare Display Global Ad Exchanges
  22. • 116% increase in page views per visitor; 56% increase in visits per visitor • Generated more than 870 new leads by nurturing anonymous website visitors • Leads converted to “sales qualified” 2x more than the company average • Nurtured known contacts to drive free trial sign-ups “Nurturing is no longer limited to email. We’re using display and social ads to guide prospects through the buy cycle with highly relevant content − increasing engagement and generating conversions along the way.” Lucy Orloski, Marketing Director, Localytics TECHNOLOGY Generate leads
  23. Tailor Messages Based on People and Interests • Prospects are at different stages of their purchase decision. • The content you provide must be both educational and relevant to what their needs are.
  24. Lead Accelerator Lets You Nurture Everyone. Differently.
  25. • Nurtured IT professionals, marketers, and other enterprise decision makers with display and social ads • Generated 640+ leads in just three months • Achieved a cost per lead well below target “Multi-channel nurturing makes sense – the sequencing and personalization of ads aligns well with the B2B sales cycle.” Micah Beals, Director, Digital Marketing, Workfront TECHNOLOGY Generate leads
  26. Reach Prospects Where They’re Most Engaged • Be where your prospects are • Engage them with content that is useful and relevant, and when they are most receptive to your message
  27. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and Sponsored InMail deliver relevant, personalized content Sponsored Updates delivers rich content in the feed and across devices 7x – the amount of time professionals are spending with content on LinkedIn vs. job-related activity
  28. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and Sponsored InMail deliver relevant, personalized content Sponsored InMail Gets the Attention of High-Value Audiences in a Personalized Way • Breakthrough the limits of traditional email marketing with 100% deliverability • Keep your key target audiences engaged across desktop and mobile
  29. “With open rates as high as 48 percent, LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail knocked the socks off our own email campaigns – and Sponsored Updates gave us the brand awareness we needed.” Brett Chester, Vice President of Online Marketing, Replicon • Open rate of 48% using Sponsored InMail, with response rate 11x better than other social channels • Cost per lead 73% lower than other social channels • Clickthrough on Sponsored Updates 4x LinkedIn benchmarks TECHNOLOGY Generate leads
  30. Crash Course to Full-Funnel Marketing Campaign
  31. 32 LinkedIn Marketing Solutions uses a multi-Channel approach to launching new assets Sales Dev Email Lead Accelerator SEM Sponsored Updates Off platform paid promotion Social feeds LinkedIn Display Webcasts Asset Landing Page Channels Landing page Sponsored InMail Blog LinkedIn Network Display
  32. Email
  33. Display On & Off LinkedIn
  34. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
  35. Webinar
  36. Sponsored InMail
  37. Lead Accelerator
  38. Blog
  39. Results
  40. • The webinar had 1,153 registrations • Email – 823 registrants • Sponsored InMail – 254 registrations • Generated 5,392 leads 1,107 MQLs • Top channels: • Email • Display • Sponsored Updates Results
  41. MQLs by Channel Marketing Qualified Leads
  42. A Few Final Thoughts • Don’t underestimate the value of the top of the funnel for demand generation • Tap into the value of anonymous website visitors • Tailor your messages and content to both unknown and known prospects • Engage with people when they’re most receptive
  43. • Case Study Hub: • LinkedIn Marketing Blog: • eBook: The Demand Generation Marketer’s Guide to LMS More helpful examples of what works on LinkedIn:
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Notes de l'éditeur

  1. Thanks for coming. Today we’re going to be exploring how demand gen marketers can use the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions portfolio to drive more leads, opportunities, and ultimately revenue.
  2. But before we get started, a few housekeeping items. Please do submit any questions you may have in the Q&A box, and we’ll save some time at the end to address them. You can join the conversation on Twitter using #LinkedInDemandGen, and follow us as well.
  3. So what are we going to be talking about today? The topic of demand gen is a big one, but for today’s webinar, our goal is to focus on how you can use LinkedIn to support your demand generation objectives. A discussion of the buyer’s journey is key, here, specifically how it’s unpredictability requires today’s marketers to be ready whenever and wherever their prospects are ready to engage. And after we identify where the key gaps are in how we marketers approach the buyer’s journey, we’ll show you can take that same journey and turn those gaps into opportunities with specific LinkedIn solutions. And finally, my colleague Amanda who manages LinkedIn’s own demand gen efforts will walk us through some sample campaigns, and let us in on her own secrets to using LinkedIn for demand gen.
  4. Today’s buyer’s journey is at its very core—unpredictable. There are often multiple people involved in the buying decision. And those people are using multiple devices to consume information, and at different parts of the day, inside the office and frequently outside of office hours. All of this complicates the buyer’s journey, and marketing’s role in it.
  5. As a marketer, it’s becoming harder and harder to influence purchase decisions. People are making it through 90% of the buyer’s journey before they reach out directly. Today’s empowered consumers have multiple tools in hand to find information about products, compare prices, get social recommendations and so on. And content is playing a huge role in the decision journey, making it easier for people to go through 90% of the journey. On average, people are consuming 10 of those pieces of content before making a purchase.
  6. As a marketer, it’s becoming harder and harder to influence purchase decisions. People are making it through 90% of the buyer’s journey before they reach out directly. Today’s empowered consumers have multiple tools in hand to find information about products, compare prices, get social recommendations and so on. And content is playing a huge role in the decision journey, making it easier for people to go through 90% of the journey. On average, people are consuming 10 of those pieces of content before making a purchase.
  7. As a marketer, it’s becoming harder and harder to influence purchase decisions. People are making it through 90% of the buyer’s journey before they reach out directly. Today’s empowered consumers have multiple tools in hand to find information about products, compare prices, get social recommendations and so on. And content is playing a huge role in the decision journey, making it easier for people to go through 90% of the journey. On average, people are consuming 10 of those pieces of content before making a purchase.
  8. So with all this in mind, what are we as demand gen marketers currently using to help educate and engage with prospects during their buyer’s journeys? Demand generation strategies have evolved tremendously, even in just the past few years, so we have a lot of tools at our disposal. Display advertising has done much to help build our brands, as has our presence on social media. Content marketing continues to play a massive role throughout the marketing funnel, from brand-building and thought leadership to driving leads. And finally, we can’t forget our “tried and true” channels of email and search, which continue to be marketing workhorses for us.
  9. But there are still challenges with our current marketing mix.   First, it’s actually quite hard to get the right people to your site. And by “right people,” we mean the demographics of the people that really matter to your business. And even if you do manage to do that, only 5% of those will be ready to provide you their contact information. And of those who do, only 20%, on a great day, will open your email messages afterwards. Think of it as a really leaky funnel, which is essentially making you get only 1% of all opportunities.
  10. This is all to say that we may be doing a decent job at demand gen now, but we can still do better.
  11. Let’s go back to the real-world buyer’s journey we looked at earlier. And this time, let’s dig deeper into the opportunities we’re missing. No less than 17 people stat: 44% stat – “2014 State of B2B Procurement Study: Uncovering the Shifting Landscape in B2B Commerce,” Acquity Group, LLC Half of business decisions made outside of the office -
  12. So how can we drive more effective demand generation marketing? We do this by taking into account the entire marketing funnel, not just the bottom. By first looking at top-funnel objectives including 1) increasing awareness 2) building our brands and 3) shaping perceptions, we in turn can drive more of the right people into the bottom of the funnel, where we can then start to focus on nurturing to drive more conversions, improve the quality of the leads we’re getting, and ultimately driving pipeline and revenue.
  13. And this is where LinkedIn Marketing Solutions comes into play, by giving you the ability to reach impact your prospects anywhere along the buying process. We are in a unique position to help you a) generate awareness and reach more of the right people to send to your marketing channels b) nurture those audiences by delivering the most appropriate content depending on where they are in their purchase cycle.
  14. Let’s see how we can use LinkedIn to start to rethink demand generation as we know it.   First let’s start with letting go of the bottom funnel for a bit, and focusing on how reaching more of the right people at the top of the funnel can really set our demand gen efforts up for success.   Next, let’s talk about that 95% of website visitors who aren’t converting on your website. LinkedIn can help you tap into the value of your anonymous website visitors.   Third, we all know the importance of being relevant in the way we communicate with our prospects. LinkedIn can help you customize your messages based on who people are and what their interests are.   And finally, let’s take a look at how LinkedIn can help you conquer the unpredictability of the buying process that we looked at earlier by helping you reach prospects when they’re most engaged, regardless of device.
  15. Demand gen marketers need to start embracing the top of the funnel. Email and search are reliable channels and will always have value, but if you just rely solely on these traditional “bottom funnel” channels, you’re going to encounter challenges when it comes to reaching more of that right audience you’re looking for.
  16. Target LinkedIn members with accuracy on and off LinkedIn to drive brand objectives from awareness to new visitors Engage your audience in a high quality professional context with LinkedIn Onsite Display. Or, leverage LinkedIn Network Display to reach a broader professional audience with scale and frequency on more than 2,500 high-quality publisher sites. Deploy a variety of formats from IAB standard formats to highly engaging native ads such as Spotlight Ads and Follow Company Ads
  17. Marketing/training notes: Product: Network Display MyCase, an AppFolio company, is a web-based practice management software solution for lawyers. Built as a complete legal practice management software, MyCase offers features that seamlessly cover all the daily functions that a modern law firm requires, including contact and case management, calendaring, secure client communication, time tracking, and billing. Because MyCase offers legal practice management in the cloud, lawyers can work from anywhere at any time significantly increasing productivity. “When we first started working with LinkedIn, we were still building our brand,” explains Sarah Bottorff, director of marketing at MyCase. “We had just started out in a super competitive space and needed to quickly reach our target market. Because our software is cloud based, a strong online presence was important for us to reach the right audience and finding the right platforms was key to enabling that kind of precise targeting.” In addition to raising brand awareness, Borttoff also sought to drive targeted traffic to the MyCase website.
  18. Next, let’s focus on all of those anonymous website visitors who aren’t converting when they come to your site. If you think about it, it’s not unreasonable for someone not to want to fill out a form right away – B2B and high-consideration B2C purchase decisions are generally long and complex. Historically, demand gen marketers would sit back and hope that people would come back to their site and eventually convert, but with LinkedIn, this no longer has to be the case.
  19. Lead Accelerator enables you to keep your brand in front of these anonymous prospects wherever they go online with relevant display and social ads. But this goes beyond typical retargeting – think of Lead Accelerator as the equivalent of marketing automation, but for display and social ads. You can keep your brand in front of the right prospects in a very relevant way, based on1) who they are, using LinkedIn data and 2) the pages they visit on your site. Whether a prospect is on LinkedIn, Facebook, or browsing across the Web, you can deliver your sequenced messages, synchronized across every channel – to create a consistent experience for your prospect as they progress through the buyers journey.
  20. We all know the importance of relevant content. But to what extent have we been able to do this to both the prospects we know and have in our database AND all of the anonymous website visitors?
  21. Again, this is where Lead Accelerator really shines. Suppose you have two different audiences visiting your site: One audience visits your home page, and bounces The other audience dives deeper into the product section of your site BOTH of those audiences are valuable – they have both raised their hand and indicated that they’re interested in what you have to say SO, you want to nurture both of those audiences BUT, you want to nurture them differently For the Home Page Bouncers: You probably want a relatively short nurture stream that focuses on higher level messaging and overall brand positioning. For the Product Page Visitors: You want to nurture them more aggressively with a longer nurture stream that tells your story the way you want to tell it. You wan to leas the prospect through a series of messaging and content that ultimately drives directly to a conversion event
  22. Marketing/training notes: Product: Multi-Channel Nurturing AtTask appreciates our technology, but ultimately it just wants high quality leads and lots of them. Its use of Multi-Channel Nurturing is textbook: it uses both website navigation and business demographic data to segment and nurture its anonymous website visitors. This has led it to drop other retargeting vendors who just weren’t hitting CPL goals, and this has been a huge lead generation engine for the company. Text (highlights) of the case study: AtTask is a cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solution that helps marketing, IT, and other enterprise teams conquer the chaos of excessive email, redundant status meetings, and disconnected tools. Unlike other tools, AtTask is a centralized, easy-to-adopt solution for managing and collaborating on all types of work through the entire work lifecycle, which improves team productivity and executive visibility. On average more than 96 percent of the visitors to AtTask’s website leave without converting—a challenge shared by most B2B marketers with savvy products and long sales cycles. Micah Beals, Director of Digital Marketing at AtTask saw this as a huge opportunity. “In B2B you can’t expect most of your anonymous visitors to convert on their first visit to the website,” he explained. “To combat this we’ve tested website retargeting with various vendors in the past, but they’ve always missed our cost per lead targets.” Segmentation and nurturing AtTask began using Lead Accelerator, which provided a retargeting-like solution but was more catered to AtTask’s B2B sales cycles and enabled it to better speak to the unique needs and interests of different website visitors. Using website navigation, anonymous visitors’ business demographic data and more, AtTask developed a variety of nurture paths that were customized for different audience segments. For example after visiting (then leaving) the solutions page on AtTask’s website, IT professionals would see sequenced waves of display and social ads over a several week period that were very specific to IT and related to its solutions, while other (non-IT) visitors would see different sets of ad creative and calls to action.
  23. Finally, we can rethink demand generation by rethinking engagement. As we saw earlier, this goes back to the unpredictability of the buyer’s journey – because buyers are in control, marketers need to engage them with great content that is presented to them when they’re most receptive to receiving this content.
  24. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates let’s you do this directly in the world’s only professional feed – get your content in front of 364M professionals as they’re consuming content in the LinkedIn feed on desktop, tablet and smartphone. You’re essentially capturing people’s attention when they’re most engaged – while reviewing information shared in the feed.
  25. Similarly, Sponsored InMail is another great way to get people engaged, and a fantastic channel for lead gen. The beauty of Sponsored InMail is that it offers 100% deliverability – your target audience will only receive your messages when they are on LinkedIn, whether that’s on desktop or mobile.
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  27. I’ll turn it back over to Jen to recap things for us.