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Tech By the Numbers: Understanding Tech Buyers

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Read our Infographic “Tech by the Numbers: Your Guide to Understanding Tech Buyers on LinkedIn” for new insights on:

- What TDMs are interested in — and where they look for information

- What content TDMs engage with — and how

- What 2017 means for tech marketers — key tips and tactics for reaching TDMs

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Tech By the Numbers: Understanding Tech Buyers

  1. 1. Your Guide to Understanding Tech Buyers on LinkedIn global tech-minded professionals who make up 30% of LinkedIn’s total audience WHAT DO TDMs ENGAGE WITH? They’re more likely to prefer: Industry Trends Thought Leadership Colleagues’ Activity They share content 48% more than others Their content is shared 69% more than others TDMs are more likely to be part of a group TDMs are more likely to follow other Company Pages Groups, Company Pages and InMail are all part of a well-balanced tech content diet: With LinkedIn’s insights, you can easily, and efficiently, target and engage tech buyers at the right time with the right content. Key targeting demographics: Job function Seniority Company size Activity Location Company (important for ABM) Key takeaways for tech decision makers: Top IT products/services the tech buying committee plans to purchase within the next 12 months: hardware, enterprise software, networks, consulting, outsourcing and security applications The buying committee’s top destination for content is the vendor’s website, followed by blogs, forums, discussion boards and social media Nearly 90% of companies are currently in the market for an IT solution within the next year IT buyers are 67% more likely to consider a vendor who educates at each stage of the decision process WHO ARE TODAY’S TECHNOLOGY DECISION MAKERS? WHAT ARE THEY INTERESTED IN? WHY ARE THEY COMING TO LINKEDIN? WE CRUNCHED THE NUMBERS LINKEDIN HAS 5 MILLION and found that this group was diverse, highly engaged, and consuming content across multiple devices. ENGINEERINGIT WHO’S ENGAGED? The most popular job functions within the tech demographic on LinkedIn are: But the others you should be keeping an eye on are: CIO/CTO Business owner Salesperson Founder/partner Project manager Information technology generalist Manufacturing/mechanical engineer Software developer Technology manager Business/corporate strategist 5 tech companies best utilizing LinkedIn marketing abilities: 35% are at entry level and using LinkedIn to stay informed on IT news and companies/influencers 66% are senior level or higher, using LinkedIn for content, employment, recruitment and research TDMs receive more group views than the average user 73%36%38% are more likely to engage are more connected TECHNOLOGY DECISION MAKERS (TDMs) HELPFUL INSIGHT actively look for insightful research and data on LinkedIn in order to inform purchases. Tech decision makers aren’t just executives With LinkedIn’s help, you can use a more accurate, hyper-targeted and meaningful way to reach your audience. Find out more about how LinkedIn can help you engage with a broad range of tech buyers and decision makers today! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR TECH MARKETERS IN 2017? Tech decision makers are popular: They’re 43% more likely to access LinkedIn via mobile – is your site optimized? HOW ARE THEY ENGAGING? 62% mobile 83% desktop These stats verify: Regularly updating your Company Page Sharing and posting thought-provoking content Utilizing LinkedIn’s InMail distribution capabilities Creating updated job opportunities for TDMs Tech professional homepages receive 50% more views than the normal active user Tech-related InMail is viewed 36% more than the average active member’s content HELPFUL INSIGHT 45% are more likely to visit LinkedIn 30% members engaged on the LinkedIn Tech Content Feed 18M+ Small companies are 42% more active Larger brands are 57% more active Across company levels, tech has an impact: 42% 57% 48% 69% 36% 50% 31% 67% 90% 58% HELPFUL INSIGHT Data cited reflects LinkedIn platform data pulled and reported October 2016