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Online Dispute Resolution

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For the past few years British Columbia has been working on the Civil Resolution Tribunal, an online tribunal dedicated to help resolve small claims(<$5000) and condominium disputes. Now two people that have worked in depth on the project, Darin Thompson and james Anderson, share more information about their project.

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Online Dispute Resolution

  1. 1. Online Dispute Resolution 17 Jan 2018
  2. 2. Darin Thompson: Legal Counsel, BC Ministry of Attorney General | Adjunct Law Professor James Anderson: PwC, Director, Consulting
  3. 3. BC’s ODR History
  4. 4. • Diagnosis • Information • Self-Help • Streaming & Triage 24/7 Expert info & guidance. Free. Online. Delivered directly to non-experts.
  5. 5. Do users want a service, or a place? • Remote • Mix of asynchronous and real-time interactions P.S. We have more “places” too.
  6. 6. Justice Tech Project Users at the Centre & Continuous Improvement Consult Conceptualize what we should build Consult Design what we think we should build Consult Prototype what it might look like Consult Build it Consult Refine while we’re building it Consult Improve what we’ve built
  7. 7. Multi-channel access to justice
  8. 8. DIAGNOSIS, INFORMATION AND SELF-HELP PARTY-TO-PARTY NEGOTIATION FACILITATION DECISION POST RESOLUTION SUPPORT Solution Explorer Online discussion Facilitated negotiation & decision preparation Adjudication Enforcement 1 2 3 4 5 AutomationDispute Volumes
  9. 9. Sarah has a busy family and a Monday to Friday job She bought a fridge for $2,500 from Acme Appliances It never arrived Sarah doesn’t know what her rights and options are
  10. 10. • Small Claims: over 11,000 • Top 3 types: o Buyers (26%) o Sellers (23%) o Property (15%) • Top issues: o Buyers: I bought goods or services for personal, family or household use (231) o Sellers: There’s a problem with payments or money (235) • Claim value: 68% were for $3000 or less
  11. 11. Dispute Resolution System Architecture Early Resolution Formal Resolution Solution Explorer Dispute Resolution Suite Cloud-based Platform All “Mobile Friendly”
  12. 12. Applicant Type Applications Complete / Incomplete Completed Intakes by Payment Method Disputes PipelineClaims by Dispute Area
  13. 13. Early Tribunal Data • Small Claims • 2300 filed • 700 resolved with approx. 85% settlement rate • Approx. 12 went to decision • Strata (condo): 800 cases filed • Access time (small claims & strata) • 45% using tribunal tools outside traditional court hours • Format (small claims & strata) • 3 people out of 3000 applications requested to not use email • About 5 applicants out of 350-400 per month use paper forms
  14. 14. • 90% felt they were treated fairly • 82% found the online application easy to understand • 80% though overall process intuitive
  15. 15. Prevent Contain Negotiate Facilitate Adjudicate Listen Measure Improve Stop problems before they start Avoid escalation Solve problems Resolve or case manage Deliver fair, just outcomes Collect user feedback Analyze data Implement changes (Working on it) Solution Explorer Online negotiation Expert mediator / case managers Expert decision makers Inline & post surveying Continuous improvement cycle
  16. 16. Diagnosis Information Self-Help Pre-qualify re: income Identify service preference Collect basic personal info Pass to document assembly Streaming & Triage Collect analytics Existing System Existing Process