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  1. Introduction It is Automation of the: • Home • House work or Household activity. • It can also use in Offices, Institutes & Industries. • Home automation may include centralized control: • Home automation is residential extension of “Building Automation”. • Lightning of entire house • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning) • Appliances and • Other System (Like Home Weather Station, Digital receptionist, etc.) Home Automation (HA) provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency & security.
  2. Working Mechanism of Home Automation System The Working Mechanism of Home automation System by two ways:  1)Arduino UNO  2) Bluetooth Module.  3) Relay Module  4) Jumper Wire
  3. Project Description The project can be better described by dividing it into two categories, namely, Hardware: • Arduino Uno • Relay Module 1- channel. • Bluetooth HC-05. • Jumper wires. Software: • Android bluetooth control devices. • IDE Software (Integrated Development Environment)
  4. System Data Flow (Connection Via Bluetooth)
  5. Circuit Diagram
  6. The Arduino UNO Microcontroller Board
  7. Types of Arduino
  8. Bluetooth Module (HC-05)
  9. Relay Module (8-Channel 12V Relay Module)
  10. Jumper Wire
  11. Home Appliance Used
  12. Conclusion • Proposed power consumption and HAS enhances mobility and supports monitoring & control of devices from any remote location. • Simple. • User Friendly. • Useful for physically disabled and old aged people.