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Masters Degree

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Masters Degree

  1. 1. Note to Mac and Linux users: To view a CeDiploma, you must use Adobe Reader orAdobeAcrobat 7.0 or higher. The digital signature may not display on Tablets or Mobile Phones and cannot be properly viewed with other PDFviewers. Error! DO NOT TRUST The document has been modified since it was signed Error! DO NOT TRUST CHECK INTERNET CONNECTIVITY The author cannot be verified Valid and certified! TRUST Authenticity and Integrity are verified Each CeDiploma will be certified by CeDiploma Trust and should read as such. A blue ribbon signifies that the document has not been tampered with. Digital Signature Explanation How it worksCeDiploma: How it works To ensure the Degree information is still valid, we highly recommend you visit the School’s official website to perform an additional validation. Please visit to validate the CeDiploma. http://www.wcupa.edu/registrar/cediplomavalidation/ Independent Validation *1450-8DD2-J1E2 Jo The CeDiploma symbol and Diploma ID are located on the upper left corner of the diploma. * *Example Only