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Real estate buyer services presentation by larry brzostek

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There is more to buying a home that just searching the Internet. This presentation will give you information to help you become a more informed home buyer.

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Real estate buyer services presentation by larry brzostek

  1. 1. DELIVERING Outstanding Buying Services ***** Home Buyers Information Presentation Larry Brzostek, CRS, CLHMS 941-993-3125
  2. 2. RE/MAX Market Share for 2014
  3. 3. There is more to finding the perfect property than just searching the Internet Whether you are looking for a home or condo, we must first identify your needs. How many bedrooms and baths do you need? What areas of Sarasota are you interested in? Do you want to be by the beach, bay, gated community or golf course? Are you looking to be near a certain school? Do you know about the differences in buying from a traditional homeowner, foreclosure (REO) or short sale property?
  4. 4. TRADITIONAL HOME SALE The homeowner is selling their home. Usually in this case the homeowner has been maintaining their home and also preparing it for sale. They have to sign a disclosure allowing the prospective buyer to know the condition of the home (to the best of the seller's knowledge).
  5. 5. REO – Foreclosure Property These are properties that the Bank Now Owns! The bank is the Seller and Decision Maker. These homes are usually sold “as is” since the bank has no prior knowledge of the maintenance or condition of the property.
  6. 6. SHORT SALE PROPERTY These properties are in the beginning stages of the process. The Bank may or may not have already started foreclosure procedures but the properties will require BOTH Owner Approval & Bank Approval of the Sale Price. These properties will require the most negotiation and patience Short Sales REQUIRE 3rd PARTY APPROVAL!
  7. 7. How do I submit an offer on a home or condo? After viewing several properties in your price range and deciding on a property to purchase, you then start the buying process. What I do is give you (the buyer) a list of comparable homes that have recently sold or are pending sales. Many times actual selling prices are not available for pending sales but you should know which homes are in the process of selling. This gives you an idea of market value and activity. After getting all the necessary information on the property, it is the buyer's decision on the price of the offer. I will get the offer presented and the seller has the opportunity to either agree to the sale price or to counter the offer. This may go back and forth several times and if both parties come to an agreement a contract is signed.
  8. 8. How do I finance the property that I want to purchase? Before purchasing a home, you need to meet with your mortgage representative and discuss the financing for a possible purchase. Bank Owned - Foreclosure (REO) properties require proof of funds or a mortgage commitment to submit with a contract. Traditional financing for a single family home is 20% down but there are many other programs available, especially for owner occupied homes. For more information on this, contact your mortgage lender.
  9. 9. HOME INSPECTION In all cases, homes have the right to be inspected and the buyer can then make a determination if they want to continue with the sale. If this is not in the contract - it is in the buyers best interest to have it inserted as a condition of sale. Do I need a home inspection before buying a home or condo? It is in the buyers interest to get both a home and pest inspection before buying a property. Even if the home is sold “as is” you the buyer, should be aware of the condition of the property. This will help you make a better decision.
  10. 10. Begin your Search Here! My Website and Blog has the latest information on Homes, Condos and Investment property in Sarasota. .
  11. 11. Where you are in the buying process? If you see the right home today, are you ready to purchase? How soon are you planning to buy? How soon would you like to move in? Do you need your new home in 3, 6 or 9 months? Will you be selling another property before purchasing the new one? How much do you want to invest as your down payment? If you require financing or need to get pre-approved, I will give you several mortgage professionals to choose from.
  12. 12. Knowledge Completely familiar with current Listings & Sales in Sarasota Experience Successfully marketed & sold properties since 1986 Dependability Always available to meet the needs of clients Service Expect Outstanding Service & Get It! Qualities to look for when you are choosing a Real Estate Professional
  13. 13. Knowledge The Real Estate Market in the Sarasota area is constantly changing My job is to give YOU up-to-date information so that YOU can make an INFORMED DECISION when buying a property.
  14. 14. Experience I have worked in Real Estate Markets that have favored both buyers and sellers helping hundreds of customers realize their dreams through the buying and selling of Real Estate. Successfully Marketing and Selling Real Estate since 1986
  15. 15. Dependability I am always available to meet your Real Estate needs When you are buying or selling the largest investment that most people make you expect professionalism, honesty, accuracy and someone who will take a sincere interest in your needs.
  16. 16. Service Expect Outstanding Service and Get It!
  17. 17. My Credentials Professional Designations CRS - Certified Residential Specialist CLHMS - Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist CDPE - Certified Distressed Property Expert e-Pro -Internet Professional
  18. 18. It is time to Buy! Mortgage Interest Rates are still at historic lows so now is a great time to buy. Larry Brzostek, CRS, CLHMS 941-993-3125 Looking forward to working with you!
  19. 19. It is time to Buy! Mortgage Interest Rates are still at historic lows so now is a great time to buy. Larry Brzostek, CRS, CLHMS 941-993-3125 LarrySellsSarasota.com Looking forward to working with you!