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Clean tech region solutions in New York

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Clip: Lars Ling is Founder and CEO of CleanTech Region Solutions, the leading sales and marketing accelerator of green innovative solutions from Sweden. He provides an overview of his organization and the global market for cleantech and sustainability.

This clip is from the 5/15/13 iCAN-Global Entrepreneur's Breakfast Forum. This monthly business education event brings together an assortment of entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, academics, professionals and investors to network and learn from each other. Featured guest speakers from all over the world deliver presentations about their companies, business expertise, knowledge and experiences to educate, stimulate, inspire and inform both in-studio and online attendees.

Send an email to sarah@icanny.net to become part of the iCAN-Global email list and receive invitations to all future events! For more information about iCAN-Global, visit http://www.ican-global.com.

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