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Launchpad Culture Code Oct 2019

  1. AMindsetGuidance LaunchpadMarketing Our Culture Code Oct 2019
  2. Our Purpose To help businesses grow better.
  3. Teach, share, listen, strategize, execute, monitor, report, collaborate, et cetera. To Help OurPurpose
  4. We believe that businesses have unlimited potential to elevate individuals’ lives. By improving businesses’ sales and marketing process, we leave an imprint on society and the economy. Businesses OurPurpose
  5. We prioritize long term results over short term gains. Success is always a combination of strategy and execution. Grow OurPurpose
  6. Whatever we do, we should do it better than our competitors, and better than we’ve done in the past. Better OurPurpose
  7. Our Services We help businesses grow better by enhancing their sales and marketing processes through the inbound methodology.
  8. Branding Consultation Free resources Implementation Trainings Website development Workshops OurServices
  9. Our Culture You are an amazing adult. No micromanagement.
  10. Our Core Values
  11. Continuous improvement Accountability Growth and learning OurCoreValues
  12. Continuous Improvement Strive for excellence. 1
  13. We're in a fast-changing industry. This demands continuous improvements. Hence,we strive for ContinuousImprovement EFFICIENCY
  14. lose sense of urgency in making improvements. be complacent because it is the enemy of success. ContinuousImprovement Never
  15. We set and exceed our own high standards, constantly raising the bar for competitors and for ourselves. ContinuousImprovement
  16. In our pursuit for distinction, we may sometimes lose sight of the human touch. Conflicts may arise because of different expectations. However, we can... ContinuousImprovement
  17. Address the matter in person. Be professional – don’t let emotions run. Ask for clarification if there are doubts. Make sure the other party understands your view point. Set expectations proactively. ContinuousImprovement
  18. Are you arguing to be right or are you trying to be understood? ContinuousImprovement
  19. Growth and learning Thirst for knowledge. Learning and growth is a lifetime mindset and a way of life. 2
  20. We look to continually learn, grow, and expand our capacity as individuals and as an organization, so we can thrive and make a significant and meaningful impact in the world. Growthandlearning
  21. Sometimes, we learn through our mistakes and customer complaints. And that’s okay. We never claim to be experts, but we are fast learners. Growthandlearning
  22. We don’t mind making mistakes, we do mind repeating them. Each mistake carries a lesson, we try to make sure we learn it. Growthandlearning
  23. We believe it’s important for you, our Rocketeers, to grow both personally and professionally. Our goal is to help you unlock that potential. But it takes two to tango – you have to want to challenge and stretch yourself in order for it to happen. Growthandlearning
  24. We’re not in the business to motivate people. Instead, we try to take motivated people, inspire them to do the stuff they know they have to do, provide them with the systems and tools to create change, and support them. Growthandlearning - Cameron Herold
  25. Accountability If it's to be, it's up to me. Nothing works without personal integrity and personal responsibility. 3
  26. We take ownership of our work. We value the ability of our team to honor our commitments, to clients and to each other. Accountability
  27. Our clients and business partners choose us because they trust our brand and people. We earn that trust by delivering our services as promised. Accountability
  28. A three word policy: Accountability Use Good Judgment
  29. How to apply good judgement: Customer > team > individual Accountability
  30. Customer > company Accountability When in doubt, favor solving for the customer’s interest over our own.
  31. Team > individual Accountability Don’t solve for your personal interests to the detriment of the team. We loathe selfishness.
  32. The thing that matters most: Accountability Results
  33. Results matter more than the number of hours we work. Results matter more than where we produce them. Results matter more than how much vacation we take. (we have unlimited vacation) Accountability
  34. Great fit There are 3 attributes that we value in people.
  35. Effective Just do things. Predisposed to action. Have a sense of ownership. Are resourceful and always looking for leverage. Greatfit
  36. Adaptable Lifelong learner. Innately curious and constantly changing. Greatfit
  37. Humble Self aware and respectful. When things go well, humble people tend to share the credit. When things go poorly, they tend to shoulder the responsibility. Greatfit
  38. Our Policies Whether you’re in the workplace or away from the office on company business, please behave with decency, respect, and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  39. If you need time off - take time off. Just make sure you’re communicating with your manager when you plan to be out. General rule of thumb Ourpolicies
  40. Vacation and Sick Leave Ourpolicies We offer 60 days paid leave for moms, 7 days for dads. Maternity and Paternity Leave Vacation Leave Take whatever break you need. We encourage Rocketeers to step away whenever they need to recharge. No questions asked. Sick Leave If you’re under the weather, do us all a favor and stay home. And don’t worry – you’ll still get paid.
  41. Public holidays and birthdays Ourpolicies We follow the Malaysia’s public holidays gazetted by the Federal and State Government. Public Holidays Birthdays We also want you to celebrate one other special occasion: the day that changed your parents' life forever... your birthday! So take the day off and treat yourself.
  42. Our dress code at Launchpad is smart casual. Our only request is that you don’t dress in a way that would disappoint your parents. Dress Code Ourpolicies
  43. Our work is never complete, but that doesn’t mean we work all the time. Most of our Rocketeers start their day between 9-10am, and have a standard 40-hour work week. We recognize that everyone is different and you can choose to be flexible. Most importantly, keep your team informed of your schedule. Work Week Ourpolicies
  44. In Closing... Whether you were delighted or disappointed, all feedback is welcome:
  45. Thank you LaunchpadMarketing