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Atlanta, GA
Cell: (404) 345-2737
E-mail: lauraleeblake510@gmail.com
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Laura Lee Blake. Selected Achievements Re Litigation and Client Matters

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Laura Lee Blake. Selected Achievements Re Litigation and Client Matters

  1. 1. LAURA LEE BLAKE Atlanta, GA Cell: (404) 345-2737 E-mail: lauraleeblake510@gmail.com SELECTED ACHIEVEMENTS RE LITIGATION AND CLIENT MATTERS Analyzed/Managed a $10.2 million lawsuit in connection with the issuance of taxable notes for arbitrage purposes. Launched suit against well-known New York law firm for causing a college district to lose millions of dollars relating to its issuance of securities. Results: Recovered all losses suffered by college district, including interest on losses, attorney’s fees and litigation costs. Secured dismissal of claims by Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) against community college district. Defended community college district against claims that it violated Sections 17(a)(2) and (3) of Securities Act of 1933 for failing to disclose risks associated with securities issuance. Uncovered significant facts favoring client; analyzed related claims by SEC; challenged SEC findings. Results: After pursuing claims for more than a year, SEC dismissed all charges against college district. Negotiated provisions in complex hotel franchise agreements and related polices for all franchisees. Engaged in numerous communications with top executives and legal personnel from leading hotel franchise companies; prepared lengthy and detailed reports on legal terms in franchise agreements that create unfair conditions for franchisees; proposed new contractual provisions. Results: Obtained several significant changes in standard franchise agreements for the benefit of all. Researched/Originated claims against unauthorized dealers for trademark violations and selling sophisticated telephone systems on the “grey market.” Represented large telecommunications company; identified unauthorized dealers; researched trademark violations; prepared claims. Results: Obtained federal court order permanently enjoining defendants from selling products without written disclosures to end-users concerning their unauthorized distributor status. Obtained defense verdicts for insurance carrier against individual claimants in largest sexual discrimination class action lawsuit in California's history. Successfully defended national insurance carrier in damages phase of California’s largest sexual discrimination class action lawsuit. Conducted pretrial discovery concerning individual claimants; examined and cross-examined key witnesses in individual trials; wrote opening and closing briefs. Results: Obtained defense verdicts for client in numerous trials, which resulted in a successful settlement of the class action on a global basis. Negotiated resolution of $13 million lawsuit involving the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”). Analyzed existing problem; proposed creative solutions; reconfigured large outdoor amphitheater to provide improved “lines of sight” to disabled patrons. Results: Settled dispute within six (6) months; saved client more than $12.5 million in improvement costs, and $500,000 in attorney and expert fees. Created/Established a standardized manufacturer qualification process. Addressed incomplete and ineffective process for approving manufacturers of concrete products for a large, privately-owned utility company; created and implemented new process. Results: Settled $11.3 million lawsuit with the client paying nothing; increased competitive situation by qualifying additional manufacturers and vendors; substantially reduced future legal liability with established qualification procedures. Resolved issues involving allegedly defective RF amplifiers for radio systems. Conducted extensive research concerning claims that client’s RF amplifiers were defective when installed in commercial radio systems. Results: Established that plaintiff manufacturer of radio systems failed to properly install RF amplifiers; negotiated agreement for future supply of client’s RF amplifiers to radio system manufacturer; saved client millions of dollars in potential damages. REPRESENTATIVE CLIENTS Clients included Toshiba America Information Systems, Clear Channel Entertainment, Weyerhauser Venture Co. (real estate subsidiary of Weyerhauser Co.), State Farm Insurance, Powerwave Technologies, Southern California Edison, North Orange County Community College District, Onyx Acceptance Corp.