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  1. 1. 1927 - 1930 1927 – Paul Revere Braniff Established Paul R. Braniff Inc. 1930 – Became Braniff Airways Eventually, American Airline took the Eagle and incorporated it into their logo.
  2. 2. 1930’s Several mergers - Became Braniff Airways – 1930
  3. 3. 1940’s to 1950’s
  4. 4. 50’s and 60’s During the 1950's, Braniff had many firsts in the aviation industry: the first airline to use ILS (Instrument Landing System) the first to use Automatic pilot in most of its aircraft the first to computerize all reservations systems, linking all Braniff ticket offices to Dallas. the first to introduce "Silver Service" (elegant gourmet meals with a souvenier Sterling Silver toothpick) one of the first airlines to use of commercial aircraft radar for navagation In 1956, introduced the last and the greatest of the piston-powered airliners, The DC- 7C,on October 20, 1956 to use on it's Dallas to New York and Chicago flights. the first to introduce the fastest Boeing 707 (the "707-227") in 1959. (They were ordered by Chuck Beard in 1955)
  5. 5. 1965 – 1982 – The Lawrence Years In 1965, Harding L. Lawrence was appointed President of Braniff International Lawrence hired designers and ad agencies to recreate the airline as trendy, modern and high quality. "The End of the Plain Plane.” Price war to put South West out of business
  6. 6. 1982 – Demise of Braniff 1. GREED 2. Arrogance 3. Alcohol 4. Added too many routes – Asia/Europe 5. Increaed Fuel costs 6. Not repaying debts 7. Cooking the books (Mysterious murder 1982, Ted Beckwith – financial officer.)
  7. 7. Reincorporated as Baniff II and III (Unsuccessful)
  8. 8. Logo – Bluebird of Happiness - Dove
  9. 9. The End of the Plain Plane