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05.Garfericks Cafe.lg

  1. 1. 66 MARCH | APRIL 2014 local flavor DAVID GARFRERICK
  3. 3. 66 MARCH | APRIL 2014 local flavor CColors pop. Flavors dance.Textures tickle. Seasonally appropriate local produce at Garfrerick’s Cafe in Oxford gives fresh a whole new meaning.You’ll never have to wonder where your food came from because owner and chef David Garfrerick likely raised it himself. Garfrerick’s foray into the restaurant business began as a supplier to acclaimed Birmingham restaurants such as Hot and Hot Fish Club and Highlands Bar and Grill. Garfrerick Farms now supplies his own restaurant. “I wanted to take it all the way from farm to table,” Garfrerick says. Locals head to Garfrerick’s to partake in goodies from a menu that changes daily. Patrons can expect dishes such as Garfrerick’s personal favorite, a tomato salad served in summer months that stacks juicy heirloom tomatoes, peas, corn, and tangy balsamic vinegar. Bringing food from the farm means Garfrerick brainstorms menu ideas months in advance, when the actual planting takes place. Spring sees rich green spinach making an appearance in a variety of dishes. “We can grow varieties of spinach you can’t buy in grocery stores,” Garfrerick explains. Green beans, yellow beans, and squash blossoms stuffed with cornbread or goat cheese also dot colorful spring plates. Garfrerick’s recently celebrated five years of business with a pig roast mingling growers and customers. “It was fun to see customers sit across from the person who foraged their mushrooms for
  4. 4. ALABAMA MAGAZINE 71 their favorite dish,” Garfrerick says. It’s these kinds of connections that Garfrerick hopes to continue with his restaurant.With lunch, dinner, and a popular Sunday buffet, there are numerous options for a farm-to-table feast. Lunch offerings include fresh salads, sandwiches, and burgers. Dinner patrons can enjoy entrées such as Pecan Encrusted Grouper with Fennel Cream Sauce or South- western Grilled Natural Chicken Breast with Poblano Cream Sauce. Garfrerick’s menu strikes a delicate balance between red meat, poul- try, fish, and vegetarian options.
  5. 5. Be sure to complement your meal with a glass of wine from the res- taurant’s extensive collection. Garfrerick believes “people should get to know their food, where it comes from and how it is handled and prepared,” he says. The restaurant layout embraces this philosophy with an open kitchen. Pictures of the farm where much of the produce originates line the restaurant, and diners can take a front-row seat at the chef’s counter to watch their food be- ing prepared. Freshly baked bread steams straight from the oven, and a friendly bartender shakes tempt- ing cocktails.The kitchen remains in view whether you choose to sit at the bar, tables, or chef’s counter. Evoking the menu itself, the sur- roundings allow the food to speak for itself. Food is not a mystery at Gar- frerick’s Cafe; instead it is tangible and personal.The farm-to-table concept is very much alive and evident in the rich flavors and textures of Garfrerick’s ingredi- ents.There is something comfort- ing in knowing the snappy beans on your plate grew just down the road. Garfrerick invites diners to come and stay awhile, connecting with the food grown locally and prepared with passion. THE PRIME INGREDIENT THAT LENDS THE RICH FLAVOR AND TEXTURE TO THE FOOD SERVED AT GARFRERICK’S CAFE IS THE LOCALLY HARVESTED PRODUCE FROM THE CHEF HIMSELF. 66 MARCH | APRIL 2014 local flavor
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  7. 7. 66 MARCH | APRIL 2014 collectibles
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