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Epub summit 2017 - Readium, the perfect EPUB/PWP companion

Readium open source software constitutes the reference implementation of the EPUB 3 IDPF standard, and of the future PWP / EPUB 4 W3C standard.

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Epub summit 2017 - Readium, the perfect EPUB/PWP companion

  1. 1. Readium The perfect EPUB / PWP companion EPUB Summit, 09 March 2017 Hadrien Gardeur, Laurent Le Meur contact@edrlab.org
  2. 2. Readium Foundation Over 70 members Open-source codebase github.com/readium Updated project info readium.github.io Project management Ric Wright
  3. 3. Four projects Readium JS Readium SDK Readium-2 Readium LCP E
  4. 4. Readium JS & SDK Open-source reading engine for EPUB documents. Interoperability! Mature project Still evolving In the last year, from v 0.22 to 0.25
  5. 5. Readium SDK Started in 2013 Mobile and desktop Dual-license C++ and Javascript Supports multiple DRMs More than 12 known apps
  6. 6. Readium Chrome Extension 2 Feb 2017 -> v. 2.25.0 > 600.000 users Google to phase out Chrome apps in 2018 except on Chrome OS => Need to get Readium Desktop in 2017
  7. 7. Readium Cloud Reader Testing across multiple platforms is a major challenge Some automated testing Tests by students, managed by Baker and Taylor
  8. 8. Challenges for "Readium-1" Still missing Bookmarks; Search; Annotations; Dictionaries; Index EPUB 3.1 additions Still MANY open issues, many of them obsolete Complex codebase Small active community
  9. 9. Readium-1 -> Readium-2 Readium-1 is going well But difficult to tackle for newcomers No clear separation btw parsing and navigation parts Readium-2 = new approach
  10. 10. A new approach Design & document the architecture very early in the process More native code, less C++ & JS Integrate unit testing in every project Less EPUB centric: will support PWP, audiobooks, comics ... Released under a BSD license.
  11. 11. Current implementers Core team Feedbooks (France; architecture, Go) NYPL (USA; Swift, Typescript) EDRLab (EU; Swift, Typescript, Java) Art Book Magazine (France; Swift) CodeToArt (India; Java) Also attracts open-source teams Folio Reader (iOS, Android) EPUB.js (Web)
  12. 12. Project Management Community-driven based on implementers needs Parallel implementations (Go, iOS, java ...) No strict agenda or timeline All code & documentation through Github Weekly call every Wednesday
  13. 13. Architecture Modular approach, Each module is independent Core modules: Streamer Navigator Streamer Navigator Web Publication manifest Resources
  14. 14. Readium Web Publication Manifest Based on earlier work on EPUB, during 3.1 revision Simplified model, JSON serialization May be submitted to the W3C DPUB WG as an input document Already used in Go for both EPUB and CBZ, other formats coming soon
  15. 15. From EPUB to the Web Each Readium-2 module is designed to also be useful on the Web Go streamer is already a bridge between EPUB and the Web Readium-2 will provide input to the W3C … and implement WP/PWP/EPUB 4 in parallel to the spec effort
  16. 16. Challenges Create a sustainable community Create an EPUB 3.1 complete reference RS Achieve consistency between target environments
  17. 17. Conclusion Mature solution: Readium SDK and JS Willing to invest some time: participate to Readium-2