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7 habits of highly effective marketers

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Our thoughts about the 7 habits of highly effective marketers.

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7 habits of highly effective marketers

  1. 1. 7 Habits ofHighly Effective Marketers
  2. 2. Treat the sales team like family Feel the love and sell more stuff
  3. 3. Education is a lifelong process Invest time and resources to improve skills and knowledge continually
  4. 4. Experiment without fear Continuous cycles of testing, measuring and improving are a norm in a progressive marketing environment
  5. 5. Decide with 80% facts and 20% intuitionIt’s no guarantee of success, butyou’ll win more than you lose
  6. 6. Define metrics first; then figure out how tocollect them When you compromise on metrics, you undermine opportunities for improvement
  7. 7. Content writers and graphic designers belongtogether When writers and graphic artists work together on a content piece, the resulting synergy can be magical
  8. 8. Leverage results to improve future outcomes The linkages are there, but you need to look for them because they are often subtle
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