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Marketing Your Events with Social Media | Leadtail

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Whether you're hosting a local meetup, putting on a webinar, or planning a big international conference, Leadtail's guide to Marketing Your Events with Social Media will show you how to build interest and engagement before, during, and after your event.

You'll learn:
- How to leverage  the  power  of  social  media  to  create  buzz  and promote your event; no matter how big or small!

- How to engage  your  customers  and  prospects  to  attend,  and  get   them  sharing  your  event  information  and  ideas  with  their   social  networks.

- How to keep  the  conversation  going  with,  and  between,  attendees   and  their  social  networks  after  your  event  is  over.

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Marketing Your Events with Social Media | Leadtail

  1. 1. Marketing  Your  Events   with  Social  Media  Prepared  by  Carter  Hostelley  October  12,  2011  
  2. 2. Leverage  Social  Media  for  Your  Event   Leverage  the  power  of  social  media  to  create  buzz  and     Engage  your  customers  and  prospects  to  attend,  and  get   them  sharing  your  event  information  and  ideas  with  their   social  networks.   Keep  the  conversation  going  with,  and  between,  attendees   and  their  social  networks  after  your  event  is  over.   Remember,  your  target  audiences  has  lots  of  event    
  3. 3. Social  Media  Planning  Stages   1.    Pre-­Event   2.    During  Event   3.    Post  Event   PROMOTION   ENGAGEMENT   CONVERSATION   Keep  Conversation  Going   Listen  &  Engage   BuildListen   Generate Develop AWARENESS ACTIVITY ADVOCACY Use social media to Get attendees Generate positive social make your customers participating during the media conversations and prospects aware of event via social media after the event the event
  4. 4. Social  Media  Process  Your Event Key Content Social Tools & Target Messaging Types Platforms Attendees Blog Posts Tweets Generate Awareness & Buzz Customers Announcements Videos News Releases Prospects Comments Status Updates Partners Polls & Surveys Contests Influencers Games Create Engagement Offers & Advocacy White papers Presentations Advertising
  5. 5.  Set  up  Web  and  social  media  alerts  to  find  out  what  people  are  saying  about  your  brand,  product,  or  service.  Discover  which  news  sites,  social  networks,  blogs,  groups  or  forums  are  generating  conversations.  Monitor  brand  conversations  pre,  during,  and  post    
  6. 6. How  to  Get  Started?  1. Determine  your  social  media  goals  for  the  event  2. Understand  the  social  profile  of  your  target  attendees  3. Develop  your  social  media  plan  4. and  mobilize  your  target  attendees  5. Track  and  measure  progress  along  the  way  
  7. 7. 1.  Determine  Your  Social  Media  Goals   Create  awareness  and  buzz  with  your  customers,   prospects,  partners,  and  other  target  attendees?   Drive  engagement  during  the  event?   Build  relationships  and  advocacy  post  event?   All  of  the  Above!   Reach Engage Build Audience Attendees Relationship
  8. 8.  What  are  they  saying  online  about  your  brand  or  product?  What  social  networks  do  they  belong  to?  (e.g.,  Facebook)  Do  they  read,  share,  and/or  create  social  content?  (e.g.,  blogs,  YouTube,  Twitter,  LinkedIn)  How  active  are  they  on  the  Social  Web?  
  9. 9. 3.  Develop  Your  Social  Media  Plan   Prepare  your  overall  event  description  including  key  benefits,  target  audience,   graphics,  etc.     Determine  your  social  media  success  metrics:   -­ Social  media  traffic  coming  to  event  registration  page  (pre  event)   -­ Social  media  event  mentions  and  shares  (pre,  during,  and  post  event)   -­ Social  media  views/downloads  of  event  content  (post  event)   -­ Increase  in  followers,  fans,  connections,  etc.  (pre,  during,  post  event)   -­ Sales  or  leads  generated  from  social  media  (post  event)   Plan  event  timeline  -­  start  social  media  efforts  at  least  30-­days  before  small   events  (e.g.,  Webinar)  and  180  days  before  large  events  (e.g.,  conference)   Socially-­   Enable  social  media  tracking  (Web  analytics)  on  registration  pages.   Pick  social  media  tools  to  use  pre,  during,  and  post  event.  
  10. 10. 4.  Pre-­Event  Promotion    Social  Tools   To  do  List   Description   How  to  Use   Tools   Monitor  Social  Web  for   Set  up  email  alerts  for  brand  and  product  Set-­‐up  Social   brand  and  product  related   keywords  ;  hear  what  people  are  saying  Monitoring   keyword  mentions.     Invite  LinkedIn  connections  and  Facebook   Add  your  event  to   Add  Social   fans  to  register  for  your  event.    Event   LinkedIn  and  create  event   Event  Pages   pages  should  include  event  graphic,   page  on  Facebook.   description,  and  registration  link.   Set  up  dedicated  Twitter   Reference  hashtag  in  email  invites,  tweets,  Create  Hashtag   keyword  phrase  (Hashtag)   blog  posts,  etc.  when  promoting  event.  for  Twitter   for  your  event.   For  large  events,  set  up   Build  audience  for  event  Twitter  and  Create  Social     Twitter  profile    and   Facebook  profiles.  Leverage  as  channels  to  Profiles   Facebook  page.   promote  and  engage  target  attendees.   For  large  events,  create   Blog  about  upcoming  event  speakers,   Create  Blog  for   blog  for  event.   topics,  happenings,  sponsors,  etc.   Conference   For  large  events,  create   Post  YouTube  video  about  your  event   Do  Conference   highlighting  topic,  target  attendees,   event   related  video  and   Videos     benefits,  etc.  Share  using  social  tools.     post  on  YouTube.  
  11. 11. Pre-­Event  Promotion    Social  Tools   To  do  List   Description   How  to  Use   Tools   Promote  your  event  using   Issue  news  release  announcing    event,   Issue  News   online  news  release   benefits,  target  audience,  date,  location,   Releases   services.   etc.     Tweet  daily  and  increase   Use  Twitter  to  promote  event,  speakers,   Promote  on   frequency  as  event  date   topics,  attendees,  benefits,  etc.       Twitter   approaches.   Promote  event    to   Promote  on   LinkedIn  social  network.     Send  personal  invites  to  your   LinkedIn   connections.   Post  daily  about  event  on   Leverage  Facebook  to  promote  the   Promote  on   Facebook    pages.   event.    Besides  event  pages,  also  do   Facebook   frequent  newsfeed  updates  about  your   event.     For  large  events,  consider   Create  social  contest  or  sweepstakes  that   Launch  Social   launching  social  contest.   targets  attendees  in  fun  and  interesting   Contest   ways.  Promote  on  social  networks.   Find  groups  and  forums   Participate  in  discussions  on  relevant   Promote  on   where  target  attendees   LinkedIn  groups  and  mention  upcoming   Groups  and   participate,  and  talk  about   event.   Forums   your  event.    
  12. 12. Pre-­Event  Promotion    Social  Tools   To  do  List   Description   How  to  Use   Tools   Comment  about  event   Find  relevant  blogs  and  comment  on  posts  Promote  on   on  related  blogs.   about  your  upcoming  event.  Other  Blogs   For  large  events,  consider   Buy  advertising  on  Twitter,  LinkedIn,  and  Advertise  on   advertising  on  social   Facebook  to  reach  target  attendees.    Social  Network   networks.  Get  Partners   sk  speakers,  partners,   Make  sure  they  know  Twitter  hashtag,   vendors,  sponsors,  key   event  social  pages,  registration  link,  etc.   Any  and  all  to  Promote   attendees  to  promote.   and  prompt  them  to  promote  often.     tools  Event  
  13. 13. Pre-­Event  Promotion  Examples   Webinar Event Pages Event Updates Inviting everyone to our upcoming tech Webinar #techwebinar Event Tweets
  14. 14. During  Event  Engagement    Social  Tools   To  do  List   Description   How  to  Use   Tools   Monitor  Social  Web  for   Monitor  Social  Web  for  what  people  are   Monitor   event  hashtag  and  related   saying  during  event;  and  respond  to   Social  Web   mentions.   questions  and  comments  in  real-­‐time.   Engage  on   Tweet  out  frequently  during   Tweet  out  highlights,  key  questions,   Twitter   event.  Encourage  attendees   updates,    etc.  Respond  to  attendee   to  tweet.   tweets  in  real-­‐time.     Let  social  network  know  that  have  joined   Engage  on   event  and  monitor  network  updates  and   LinkedIn   with  key  attendees.   engage.    Connect  to  key  attendees.       Post  event  updates  to   Post  highlights,  key  questions,  updates,   Engage  on   Facebook  newsfeed.     polls,  photos,    etc.  to  Facebook  newsfeed   Facebook   and  pages.   For  large  events,  upload   Post  YouTube  event  videos:  sessions,   Upload   event-­‐related  videos  to   interviews,  updates,  etc.  Share  using   Videos     YouTube.   social  tools.     For  large  events,  do   Blog  about  presentations,  speakers,   Blog  about   attendees,  updates,  happenings,  sponsors,   blogging  during  event.   Event   etc.  
  15. 15. During  Event  Engagement    Social  Tools   To  do  List   Description   How  to  Use   Tools   For  large  events,  upload   Post  presentations  and  related   Upload   presentations  and  post  on   documents.   Presentations   social  sites.   For  large  events,  upload   Post  event  photos:  sessions,  interviews,   Upload   event  photos  and  post  on   updates,  etc.  Share  using  social  tools.     Photos   social  sites.   For  large  events,  consider   Generate  attendee  engagement  with   Launch  On-­‐ launching  Location-­‐based   check-­‐ins  related  contests  and   Site  Contest   contest.   sweepstakes.    
  16. 16. Post  Frequent  Updates  During  Event   Post  event  updates,  videos,  and  pictures  to  the   Facebook  and  YouTube.   Tweet  tips,  key  points,  questions  asked,  highlights   during  event.   Blog  about  event  news  and  happenings.   Monitor  and  respond  to  comments  and  questions.  
  17. 17. Post  Event  Conversation    Social  Tools   To  do  List   Description   How  to  Use   Tools   Monitor  Social  Web  for   Monitor  Social  Web  for  what  people  are   Monitor   event  hashtag  and  related   saying  post-­‐event;  and  respond  to   Social  Web   mentions.   questions  and  comments  in  real-­‐time.   Post-­‐event  tweets.   Tweet  out  event  highlights,  attendee  and   Engage  on   Twitter   tweets,  etc.   Share  Event   Post    presentation  so   Share  presentation  on  document  sharing   Document   others  can  view  and   sites.   share.   Survey   Send  out  event  survey  to   Share  summary  survey  findings  with   Attendees   attendees.   attendees.  Share  using  social  tools.     Connect  on   Connect  to  speakers  and   Connect  to  speakers  and  key  attendees;   LinkedIn   attendees   respond  to  LinkedIn  updates  about  your   event.   Update  on   Post  event  update  to   Post  highlights,  key  findings,  questions,   Facebook   Facebook  newsfeed.     updates,  presentation,  survey  results,  etc.   Wrap-­‐Up   Write  blog  about  what  the   Do  wrap-­‐up  blog  post  referencing  key   Blog  Post   event.   findings,  questions,  attendance,  etc.  
  18. 18. Keep  the  Conversation  Going  After  Event   Survey  attendees  about  event  and  share  results.   Socialize  all  your  content    presentations,   interviews,  speaker  notes,  whitepapers,  etc.     How likely are you to recommend our event to a colleague? Link  in  to  key  attendees  and  prospects.   Thank  attendees  that  tweeted  about  event.   Leverage  conversations  to  promote  next  event.  
  19. 19. Social  Media  Plan  Summary   Pre-­Event   During  Event   Post  Event   PROMOTION   ENGAGEMENT   CONVERSATION   Create  Facebook  and   Do  live  Tweeting  and   Survey  attendees  and   LinkedIn  event  pages   blogging  during  event   share  findings   Get  Twitter  hashtag   and  use  it   Update  Facebook  often   Post  and  share  event-­ related  content   Keep  Conversation  Going   Set  up  Twitter  and   Update  and  expand  social   Facebook  pages   network  on  LinkedIn   Tweet  out  thank  you,  key   Listen  &  Engage   questions,  comments,   Create  event  blog   Post  and  share  event   presentation,  etc.      Listen   photos  and  presentations   Do  event  video   Do  wrap-­up  blog  post  on   Do  event  videos   Issue  event  news  release   event   Talk  about  event  on  related   Talk  about  event  on  related   Engage  and  expand  social   groups  and  forums   groups  and  forums   network  on  LinkedIn   Comment  about  event  on   Comment  about  event  on   related  blogs   Comment  about  event  on   related  blogs   related  blogs   Launch  social  contest   Launch  on-­site  social   contest   Start  promoting  your   Advertise  on  relevant   next  event!   Monitor  and  respond  to     social  networks   social  comments  
  20. 20. 5.  Track  and  Measure  Your  Progress  Categories   Key  Questions   Examples  Social  Audience   Did  the  event  help  your  total  audience   Twitter  Followers,  LinkedIn   for  your  social  media  properties  grow?   connections,  YouTube  and  Blog   subscribers  Social  Views   How  often  was  your  event-­related   Number  of  Facebook  views,  LinkedIn   content  viewed  via  social  media?   views,  YouTube  views,  blog  views  Social  Engagement   How  often  did  your  event  attendees   Facebook  wall  posts,  blog  comments,   engage  with  you  and  each  other  via   brand  mentions   social  media?  Social  Advocacy   How  often  was  your  event  content  being   Facebook  likes,  Twitter  retweets,   shared  and  recommended?   positive  reviews  Social  Referrals   How  many  registrations,  visits,  clicks,   Website  visits,  newsletter  signups,   and  leads  were  generated  from  your   referrals,  product  sales     social  media  efforts?  
  21. 21. Social  Media  Tools  for  Events   Tools   Description   How  to  Use   Stage   Monitors  Web  for  brand   Are  you  listening?  Set  up  email  alerts  for   Pre-­‐Event   and  keyword  mentions.   keywords  related  to  your  brand  or   During  Event   product  to  hear  what  people  are  saying.   Post  Event   Social  networking   Create  Facebook  event  page  to  promote  to     Pre-­‐Event   platform  for    friends  and   Facebook  audience.  Use  newsfeed  of   During  Event   brand  page  for  event  updates.  Leverage  for   Post  Event   brands.   event  related  contests,  polls,  surveys.   Social  networking  and   Build  and  engage  relevant  target  attendee   Pre-­‐Event   microblogging  platform   audience.  Build  event  awareness  and   During  Event   for  everyone.     engagement  with  frequent  tweeting.   Post  Event   Social  networking   Create  event  page  and  post  related   Pre-­‐Event   platform  for  business   comments  to  LinkedIn  Groups.  Advertise   During  Event   professionals.     event  to  target  business  professionals.  Link   Post  Event   in  to  key  attendees.   Most  popular  blogging   Blog    pre,  during,  and  post  event  to   Pre-­‐Event   platform.   generate  awareness,  comments,  and   During  Event   conversations.   Post  Event   Video-­‐sharing  platform   Leverage  (prior  event  )videos  to  generate   Pre-­‐Event   and  2nd  largest  search-­‐ interest  in  new  event.  Post  videos  of   During  Event   engine  on  the  Web.   speakers  and  attendees  during  and  after   Post  Event   event.    
  22. 22. Social  Media  Tools  for  Events   Tools   Description   How  to  Use   Stage   Online  news  release   Issue  online  press  release  about  event  to   Pre-­‐Event   service.   generate  buzz  and  awareness.   Monitors  Social  Web  and  blogs   Monitor  what  people  are  saying  about   Pre-­‐Event   for  brand  mentions.  Sends   your  brand,  product,  event  on  Twitter,   During  Event   email  alerts.   Facebook,  etc.     Post  Event   Location-­‐based  social   -­‐ During  Event   network  application  for   social  activities  like  contests.   mobile  devices.   Online  photo   Post  and  share  event  photos.   During  Event   management  and  sharing   Post  Event   application.   Online  presentation  and   Post  and  share  event  related   During  Event   document  management   presentations  and  documents.   and  sharing  application.   Post  Event   Web-­‐based  survey   Survey  attendees  about  event  and  share   Post  Event   application.   results.  
  23. 23. Free  Social  Monitoring  &  Tracking  Tools   Tools   Description   URL   Measures   Monitors  Web  for  brand  and  keyword   www.google.com/alerts   Social  Engagement   mentions.  Sends  email  alerts.   Social  Advocacy   Monitors  Social  Web  and  blogs  for   Social  Engagement   brand  mentions.  Sends  email  alerts.   www.socialmention.com   Social  Advocacy   Track  interactions  with  fans  and  content  within   Social  Views   Insights   Facebook.    Must  be  page  admin  to  view.   www.facebook.com/insights   Social  Engagement   Social  Advocacy   Measures  an  individuals  social  influence.    Want   high  Klout  score  folks  recommending  brand.   www.klout.com   Social  Advocacy   Link  shortening  tool  that  makes  it  easy  to  track   www.bitly.com   Social  Referrals   and  analyze  clicks  and  referral  sources.   Monitors  Twitter  for  brand  and  keyword   Social  Engagement   www.tweetbeep.com   mentions.  Sends  email  alerts.   Social  Advocacy   Social  Audience   Website  and  blog  analytics  that  tracks  unique   www.google.com/analytics   Social  Views   visits;  and    inbound  clicks  from  social  referrals.   Social  Referrals   Insights   Website  and  blog  analytics  that  tracks  unique   www.youtube.com/t/advertising Social  Audience   visits;  and    inbound  clicks  from  social  referrals.   _insight   Social  Views  
  24. 24. Just  Remember  Before  You  Get  Started   Start  social  media  efforts  early.  At  least  30-­days  before  small   events  (e.g.,  webinar)  and  6-­months  before  large  events   (e.g.,  conference).   Social  media  is  not  an  advertising  campaign.  It  takes  time  to     on  all  your  marketing  materials  (e.g.,  direct  mail  and  email   marketing).   Enable  social  sharing  on  registration  thank  you  page  so   attendees  can  tell  their  network  they  registered  for  the  event!  
  25. 25. Thank  You!  Leadtail  helps  marketers,  advertisers,  and  business  owners  with  their  online  marketing  and  social  media    http://Marketing.Leadtail.com  http://www.Leadtail.com  http://www.StartupYourOnlineAdvertising.com  http://www.BestOnlineAdvertisingStuff.com   @Leadtail   www.facebook.com/Leadtail  (888)  330-­3236