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How Lean Startup Accelerates (open) Innovation

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Vincent Thamm, Transavia , @Vincent_Thamm

This presentation looks at the learnings and challenges faced when Transavia started using Lean Startup to accelerate customer experience innovation, how we engaged the Transavia Management Team, how we scaled Lean Startup for other business ideas, how we combined different methods of work into a continuous innovation process and how we apply Lean Startup in an Open innovation context.

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How Lean Startup Accelerates (open) Innovation

  1. 1. Scaling Lean Startup & Open Innovation A tale about my journey Vincent Thamm
  2. 2. Where do I come from? Transavia Airlines Waterfall VS agile Low cost airline competition in Europe The missing key in our village
  3. 3. My journey Searching for the key to the treasure Take ownership Empowerment
  4. 4. During the quest Experiment & engage Startup Customer validation Lean Startup! Multidisciplinary team Customer Experience innovations Workshops Coach people
  5. 5. Convincing the village elderly Stakeholder management (Middle) Management Visual management Share best practices Scale, continuous innovation Open Innovation
  6. 6. Scale How our whole village could live like this Portfolio level Program level Team level Agile framework (Build) Lean startup Innovation Track Business team (Measure & Learn) Feedback
  7. 7. Open Innovation With inhabitants, visitors, partners, starting businesses #transAPIa
  8. 8. Key learnings My advise to the next one going on this journey Where we are today couldn’t happen without the journey we had Dare to do, act! Intrinsic motivation Focus, cadence, time Stakeholder management Visibility Apply principles where relevant Help people to think different Innovation is not inside, it is outside!
  9. 9. But: one treasure is not enough! Help! How to further scale Lean Startup in a large village? How does your village practice Open Innovation with visitors and partners?
  10. 10. Thank you! https://www.transavia.com/en-NL/innovation @Vincent_Thamm nl.linkedin.com/in/vincentthamm