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Best Buy Web 2.0

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This was a presentation from Bethany Kinsella of Best Buy at the HR Executive Forum in the Twin Cities on Feb. 5, 2009. I volunteered to post all of the presentations so those in attendance at the forum could review.

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Best Buy Web 2.0

  1. 1. Best Buy’s Web 2.0 Journey Bethany Kinsella Director, Connected Digital Solutions Best Buy 1
  2. 2. Best Buy, Inc. • Global Family of Brands • Industry leader with more than 40 years of history • 1,000+ Best Buy store infrastructure • 165,000 energized employees • Online presence with Bestbuy.com site that has 500 million unique visitors a year
  3. 3. The Journey Begins….Blue Shirt Nation Employees can collaborate, share information and let people be social – to connect to others based on common interests.
  4. 4. Best Buy WIKI Employees can share what they know, edit information and search for knowledge.
  5. 5. The Loop Marketplace Budget owners Ideas can be can finance a “Featured” or portion or all of the easily funds required to searched execute the idea through both hard & soft tagging Employees can offer to help, recommend or contribute/comment on other employee’s ideas
  6. 6. Watercooler Discussion Forums Employees can discuss work related topics, create subgroups and subscribe to discussions
  7. 7. Tag Trade: Best Buy’s Prediction Market Employees can help the company make better decisions by participating in the prediction market
  8. 8. BSN Mix Employees can cut through the traditional communication mechanisms, posting a note, asking a question, seeking a rapid response.
  9. 9. GIFTAG: www.giftag.com BSN Mix Allows people to pick items from any website, add it to a list and share with family and friends.
  10. 10. Spy: spy.appspot.com Allows people to ‘listen’ in on social media conversation through keyword
  11. 11. Connect: www.bestbuyinc.com/connect Allows people to access to employee blogs and tweets [Twitter]
  12. 12. Lessons Learned It’s not about the ‘tool’; the magic is in the culture it  enables Patience (and making the time to engage)  Openness, Honesty, Trust  Learning & Iteration 
  13. 13. Key Take-Aways We’re Better Together: Social forums empower people and enable them to  collaborate, listen, solve problems and find opportunities. This helps us grow and keeps us strong. We’re Trying A lot of Things: Some will work, some won’t and everything  will constantly evolve. We’re not afraid to take risks, try things and even fail – as long as we learn. We Believe in our People: People make up this company, and we’re not  afraid to show (and listen to) that humanity. We Sell the Stuff that Makes this Happen. We have the opportunity to help  our customers experience what technology can do for them.
  14. 14. Best Buy’s Web 2.0 Journey Bethany Kinsella Director, Connected Digital Solutions Best Buy bethany.kinsella@bestbuy.com 14