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Cleopatra Enterprise Added Value

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Cleopatra Enterprise Added Value

  1. 1. Cleopatra Enterprise Added Value
  2. 2. Cleopatra Enterprise’s Added Value > Fast and accurate estimating > Estimate your whole life cycle in one program > Cost from initiation to abandonment in one package > Use previous estimates as base for higher accuracy  estimates > Use standard cost data based on DACE Labour Norms > Interface with other software tools to increase efficiency  > 3D Engineering Design as input for quick estimates > State of the art technology >www.costengineering.eu
  3. 3. Cleopatra Enterprise’s Added Value > Cost estimates as business tool > All investment information at your fingertips > Enhance your business intelligence by > Knowing your exact cost > Knowing the effects on cost of scope changes > Including allowances in estimates > Including indirect cost in estimates > Use Cleopatra Enterprise for: > Procurement > Tendering > Estimating > Etc. >www.costengineering.eu
  4. 4. Optimizing the Tendering process www.costengineering.eu
  5. 5. Cleopatra has been awarded  ‘Winner Champion of Excellence’ by  cutting construction costs with 23%  for Shell France [ref. Chemicals Quarterly]