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Instinctive / Hubspot Presentation deck v2

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Hubspot Slides - Inbound Marketing Overview with Hubspot

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Instinctive / Hubspot Presentation deck v2

  1. 1. Helping Companies Grow with HubSpot Attract, understand and delight your customers Chris Rooney
  2. 2. Chris Rooney Channel Manager, EMEA HubSpot @roonbeam International Marketing Agency Specialist UK and Ireland
  3. 3. Agenda 1 Why Inbound Marketing? 2 Delivering an Inbound Marketing Campaign 3 Inbound Marketing and HubSpot 4 Expected Results and ROI 5 Customer Success Stories
  4. 4. 1 Why Inbound?
  5. 5. Over the past decade, there’s been a fundamental shift in the way companies reach their audience.
  6. 6. 94% skip TV ads 94% unsubscribe from email 27% direct mail is never opened BROKEN. The old marketing playbook is 50% are on do not call lists Base: Varied bases, minimum 598 global consumers Source: HubSpot Global Interruptive Ads Survey, Q4 2015 – Q1 2016.
  7. 7. Cold Calling Cold Emails (SPAM) Interruptive Ads Marketer - Centric SEO Blogging Attraction Customer - Centric InboundTraditional vs. Technology has changed how people search and buy, but marketing has not caught up.
  8. 8. Content Inbound Helps You Get Found: • Website pages • Blog articles • Social media messages • All optimized to drive qualified leads to your site Your customers now start their search online.
  9. 9. Marketing with a magnet, not a sledgehammer. In a Nutshell
  10. 10. 2 Delivering an Inbound Marketing Campaign
  11. 11. How to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign Awareness Consideration Decision Your Buyer Persona The Buyers Journey  Identify Your Audience
  12. 12. How to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign  Identify Your Audience  Set Clear Goals (SMART)  Create your offers and conversion path
  13. 13. Content Mapped to the Buyers Journey Awareness Consideration Decision  Guides  Tips Sheets  Checklists  Kits  Templates  Quizzes  Webinars  Case Studies  Reports  E-books  Whitepaper s  Podcasts  Trials  Demos  Consultations  Estimates or Quotes  Coupons  Discount codes
  14. 14. How to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign  Identify Your Audience  Set Clear Goals (SMART)  Create your offers and conversion path  Identify relevant long tail keywords  Blog, Blog, Blog  Email  Social  Paid Traffic (PPC)  URL Tracking  Reporting Tools
  15. 15. 3 Inbound Marketing and HubSpot
  16. 16. The Inbound Methodology
  17. 17. Blogging Easily create remarkable content that will help your business get found Social Inbox Publish and see Social Analytics across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other networks SEO Improve your search rankings and get found by quality leads Attract Strangers  Visitors
  18. 18. Calls-to-Action Build beautiful buttons and callouts to convert traffic to leads in a snap Landing Pages Create more pages that improve conversion rates and generate leads Forms Ask the right questions at the right time to optimize lead conversions Lead Management Segment leads based on their activity across your site and other channels Convert Visitors  Leads
  19. 19. Email Personalize your emails with any field from your marketing database Marketing Automation Use marketing automation to trigger timed follow up emails to your contacts Analytics See which traffic sources are generating the most leads, plus other insights CRM Sync Pass lead insight to your CRM to inform your sales team and help them to create warmer opportunities Close Leads  Customers
  20. 20. Empower Your Sales Team Pass valuable lead intelligence to your sales team for faster follow-ups, better connects, and warmer leads. 360° View of Your Leads What companies are visiting our site? What pages have they viewed? What have they converted on? How engaged are they? When are they on our site? What emails have they opened? Who are they on social media?
  21. 21. Expected Results & ROI4
  22. 22. Analyze Your Marketing ROI Understand which of your marketing activities are driving the best visitors, leads, and customers to your business. Customers • Keyword Rankings • Page Views • Blog Visits and Subscribers • Social Media Reach • Social Media Message Analytics (clicks, etc) • Social media channels • Highest lead generating channels for: • Landing Pages • Email • Site Pages • Contacts database size • Number of MQL and SQLs Visitors Leads • Sources ROI • Number of customers • Lifecycle summary
  23. 23. Performance Benchmarks Customers  At least 30% of total traffic should be coming from organic  Landing page conversion rate should be 20-25%  Visits-to-contacts rate should be 1.5-3%  Email open rate should be 20%  Email click rate should be 3-7%  Unsubscribe rate should be less than 5%  Bounce rate should be below 5%  Spam complaint rate should be at .1% or lower  CTA click-through-rate should be 2-3% per page (in CTAs tool) Source: www.hubspot.com/research
  24. 24. Attracting Visitors Average customer ROI after using software for 1 year 4.1x Average Increase in Monthly Website Visitors Converting Leads 3x Average Increase in Monthly Leads Closing Customers 79% Report Growth in Revenue Source: MIT Sloan graduate student study available at HubSpot.com/ROI
  25. 25. Ok, so why do inbound marketing with HubSpot?
  26. 26. Traditional marketing automation software doesn’t address your whole marketing funnel.
  27. 27. Strangers Visitors Leads Customers It only serves one or two stages of the marketing funnel. Traditional email marketing / marketing automation tools (like Eloqua or MailChimp)
  28. 28. HubSpot is a complete inbound marketing platform designed to generate more traffic, leads and customers. Email marketing automation helps here. It doesn’t help if your problem is here.
  29. 29. Our team of Inbound Marketing Professors hold 8+ live training sessions daily on every part of your marketing and sales funnel. Join the team or watch the recordings on your own time. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday COS Site Pages Content Creation Training Convert and Close Lab: Email Training: Workflows Salesforce and Lead Scoring Site Pages Lab: Blogging Training: Attract - Integration Training: Creating A Comprehensive Sales Training: Intro to Workflows Forms Training: Goal Setting Training: Buyer Personas Lab: Campaigns Training: Ultimate Sales and Marketing Alignment Live Lab: Keywords Training: Social Monitoring Lab: Landing Pages Training: Calls-to- Action + 4 More + 4 More + 4 More + 4 More + 4 More Example of weekly Schedule
  30. 30. 4 Customer Success Stories
  31. 31. London Start Up Ometria Fast Tracks Growth with HubSpot "As a small start up, with limited resources in terms of time and money, inbound made sense." Ed Gotham Head of Demand Generation Ometria Full story: http://www.hubspot.com/customers/ometria 60% Increase in revenue within the 1st year 558% Increase in leads 368% Increase in web traffic
  32. 32. Retail Location Expert LDC Boosts Revenue by 30% With HubSpot “The HubSpot software gives you a platform for success and frees up your time to concentrate on strategy. It will take your marketing to the next level.” Mark Colgan, Digital Marketing Manager Full story: http://www.hubspot.com/customers/ldc 4X Increase in leads 30% Revenue attributable to Inbound 57% Leads are from organic traffic
  33. 33. HubSpot's Salesforce Integration Revitalizes Tui's Marketing "While I work with a lot of small companies, I am part of a global company and it was an important factor in my decision making that HubSpot could grow with TUI." Full story: www.hubspot.com/customers/tui 20-50% Y-o-Y increase in monthly site traffic across brands 20% y-o-y increase in monthly leads for education brands 106% Y-o-Y increase in presales revenue for student gold pass/on-tour excursion campaign
  34. 34. Questions?
  35. 35. Thank you