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How to Use a Webinar to Launch Your Digital Product

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Discover the exact steps you need to take to launch your digital product using a webinar. Leslie shares everything from planning to execution and beyond.

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How to Use a Webinar to Launch Your Digital Product

  1. 1. Webinar to Launch Your Digital Product how to use a www.becomeablogger.com
  2. 2. THE WHY Whyshouldyouconsider usingawebinar? You’re able to demonstrate value upfront There’s an energy that comes with live events Sense of urgency is a great motivator www.becomeablogger.com
  3. 3. THE HOW Course, Membership site Solves a specific problem Create HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS aMember Tools:
  4. 4. THE HOW Set a date Create an outline Get Feedback Revise your outline PLAN your webinar. www.becomeablogger.com
  5. 5. THE HOW Tools: FOR CREATING YOUR SLIDES Powerpoint Keynote IMAGE SOURCES http://www.becomeablogger.com/123rf Screenshots Live Demos (Minimal) FOR CONDUCTING YOUR WEBINAR: Open Office www.becomeablogger.com
  6. 6. THE HOW www.becomeablogger.com Your Webinar Structure What will you be covering? What pain are you solving? Why is this such an important topic? Don’t spend too much time on your awesomeness When you talk about yourself - make it educational (10 to 15 minutes in) This is where you teach Deliver on what you promised They have to leave with the ability to take action and see results The Offer (includes the “when”) Special offer Time-sensitive Discount. Urgency sells. The What Section The Why Section - Sell the value. Keep it short The Who Section The How Section (30 minutes)
  7. 7. THE HOW www.becomeablogger.com Prepare your Marketing Assets Sales Page Webinar Registration page Follow up emails (beforeandafterthewebinar)
  8. 8. THE HOW www.becomeablogger.com Bonus tip: Use countdown timers Tools: Leadpages OptimizePress Motionmailapp.com
  9. 9. More on HowtoUseaWebinartoLaunchYourDigitalProduct www.becomeablogger.com at