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Apg West Feedback

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APG West started with questions, not answers.

What would people in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area need from the APG? What challenges do the creative businesses of the region face? What would constitute success for them? How should the community come to life?

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Apg West Feedback

  1. 1. APG West Your feedback. Our first steps. 14th June 2016
  2. 2. § To all who took part in our launch event in April and gave feedback on how to shape the APG in the West. § These slides represent the consolidated output and outline what the first six months of APG West will look like. § It's very exciDng, and we're looking forward to hearing what you all think about it. § Keep an eye on our page on the APG website for any updates. § Please contact James, Julie or Anna with any thoughts, quesDons or queries. Thank you
  3. 3. § What most interests you about APG West? § What are the key challenges you face in planning today? § Thinking about 2017, what would you most like APG West help you achieve? § How would you like to build the APG community? We asked: The ques5ons And now we’ve: § Collated all feedback from breakout sessions on the night & APG quesDonnaire
  4. 4. Improving talent – training, retenDon and recruitment MeeDng up, knowing other planners, sharing ideas Thought leadership, innovaDon, new ideas, trends Building the reputaDon of planning, jusDfying the Dme and resource required, clarifying different types of planning, insDlling the confidence to change TRAINING NETWORKING INSPIRATION PLANNING VALUE S/W IDENTITY ArDculaDng what makes us, us – collaboraDon, eclecDc skills, ways of working and best pracDce, new models that others can learn from
  5. 5. Answers reveal different priori5es 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Most interested in APG for … Today's key issues are … Imagine it's 2017 How to build the community Other Points 1 2 3 4 5 Training S/W IdenDty Planning Value Other Networking InspiraDon
  6. 6. Q1: Most interested in APG for… § A real desire for core skills § Also keen to network and idenDfy with the planning community
  7. 7. Q1: Most interested in APG for… Would be good to share the classics, frameworks and expectaDons of the discipline - so we are all on an equal playing ground A real sense that training would significantly help breed the confidence that Planners require to push the strategic agenda Access to core / extended / leadership level training would begin to provide a sense of career progression and a sense of direcDon Training for account people Core planning skills and how to sell them Obtain new perspecDves from outside of our current organisaDon Many agencies are struggling to recruit so anything that helps to develop a talent pool for the longer- term benefit can only be a good thing KEY Training Networking Inspiration Planning Value S/W Identity Other
  8. 8. Q2: Today’s key issues are… § Planning value: •  Planners feel undervalued – need a home/ recogniDon •  Real desire for help in building the value of planning to jusDfy Dme and fees § S/W IdenDty •  RecogniDon that the S/W does things differently – how do we own this and build on it? •  At this stage in feedback emphasis is on ways of working – does it need to be different for the new world we are in?
  9. 9. Q2: Today’s key issues are… People don't understand what it is - they're not prepared to pay for it Gecng clients to come to us with problems - not preconceived noDons of the soluDons they just want us to execute The diversity of planning and understanding what type of planning a client needs most or first Bringing the client in the mix early (working collaboraDvely from the start) Other colleagues understand ing the role of Planning Strategy means different things in different agencies so a unified understanding of the role and tangible acDviDes led by strategists would be useful. The level of client 'regard' towards planning and planning processes. It feels like something that ofen has to be jusDfied in terms of its value to the overall effort KEY Training Networking Inspiration Planning Value S/W Identity Other Give the wider agency exposure to strategic thinking Breaking down silos both internally and with clients
  10. 10. Q3: Imagine it is 2017… § Much more equal spread of what would want to have achieved 1.  Beger trained §  Local, relevant, talent building 2.  A sense of community §  Currently feel isolated from like- minded, useful connecDons 3.  Planning is valued by clients and agencies §  ReputaDon of planning and individuals grows 4.  The S/W is unique spearheading a new way of doing strategy
  11. 11. Q3: Imagine it is 2017… From a training point of view there was a real desire for some planning basics (a ‘crash course’), potenDally rooted in business and commercial realiDes (as opposed to typical ‘brand’ planning which it was felt a ligle far removed). Help to facilitate regular, peer to peer discussion events in the region and in parDcular to make it its business to improve the quality of strategic thinking in the region's agencies Establishing regular meetups with the community including inspiraDon Access to mentoring schemes parDcularly for junior members Greater access to insight about the craf of account planning, methodologies / frameworks as well as more nuanced elements Foster and agract talent (in Bristol) KEY Training Networking Inspiration Planning Value S/W Identity Other Be connected with the (strategy) community, be connected to the sharp thinkers¹!
  12. 12. Q3: Imagine it is 2017… Defining planning and strategy for my business InnovaDon harnessed successfully and pracDcally CollaboraDon - to feel that I am part of a diverse but mulDfaceted community The S/W is a collaboraDve space/community/ culture – can we harness this and create a new model? ParDcularly important as there are lots of smaller, specialist agencies here Would like to see growth in planning like digital as a whole has grown Help bridge the gap between client’s percepDon of what strategy is, why it’s important and therefore worth doing/paying for. Give me tangible, credible insight and/or data to back up arguments on the importance of strategy in the agency process. KEY Training Networking Inspiration Planning Value S/W Identity Other Help to demonstrate the value of planning at all points across the customer journey (many agencies in the south west are delivering acDvity later in that journey) CollaboraDon - breaking down silos both internally and with clients
  13. 13. Q4: Building the community § Networking is important, but you want to be inspired local talent and the S/W perspecDve
  14. 14. Q4: Building the community… Pure social occasions to just get to know other people Agency/client events, which include key speakers and facilitate debate and discussion Providing inspiraDon, vision, promoDng the fact that people can transfer from other roles Monthly meetups - perhaps in different locaDons (roadshow?) Breakfast meeDngs easier for many than evenings Cross pollinaDon with other centres of excellence e.g., London Monthly face-to-face events with local talent for inspiraDon . KEY Training Networking Inspiration Planning Value S/W Identity Other Events need to be of significant value to warrant taking the Dme out / cost/ travel. Very strongly indicated by those outside of Bristol. Keen to have access to external thinking and ideas but it would need to be here in the S/W.
  15. 15. Q5:Other points… Build reputaDon and recogniDon of APG in the west We don¹t want to feel like 2nd class compared to London. We are different in the mix and focus of the agencies, and we want to keep that.- Don¹t impose brand planning on us. But also we are ahead where some of the London agencies are behind i.e. digital planning. We can teach them as much as they can teach us. Everyone was excited and interested in the APG and what it could offer but felt that we were different in the S/W so need to make sure we are driving our own vision not just picking up crumbs from London – important to remember the make-up of our community won’t be 40% ad agencies
  16. 16. Next steps § Networking and inspiraDon §  A showcase of SW Planning – July § Training and networking §  FoundaDons in Planning – October § Training §  Core skills – October to December
  17. 17. A showcase of S/W Planning § We are right to be proud of the diversity of planning in the SW, so let’s hear more about it, celebrate it and recognise the posiDve contribuDon it makes to our clients’ business. § Come and listen to 6 different case studies, presented by Planners from 6 different agencies – each shining a spotlight on the breadth of strategic skills and types of planning going on across the region. § Please let us know if you would like to suggest a piece of strategic work to showcase at this event. § Early July – exact date TBC
  18. 18. Founda5ons in Planning § Forever evolving, planning is more mulD-faceted than it has ever been - making us a truly eclecDc bunch. But the one thing that unites us all and eclipses our differences is the fundamental ability to think strategically. § So, here is a rare chance to hear from local experts (Merry Haskin & Mark Hancock to name but two) on what they feel to be the essence of planning, regardless of discipline. They will focus on the core skills, share examples, answer your quesDons and offer advice. The event will be a curtain-raiser to the training period that will immediately follow. § When: Early Oct – exact date TBC
  19. 19. Core Skills Training Network § A series of training modules covering the key elements of planning, each run by senior representaDves of local agencies, and cumulaDvely building the core skills of planners across the region. § The core skills you need to be a planner or strategist, regardless of discipline or place of work - suitable for planners, account handlers and clients § Content reflecDng the mix of planning and strategy in the S/W § Please let us know if you would like to contribute to delivering this programme § When: October to December – exact date TBC
  20. 20. Our Planning iden5ty? § Everyone agrees we’re “not London” – but do we want to posiDvely agree what we are? § What makes us uniquely different seems worthy of exploraDon, and defining S/W planning could help make even more of a name for the region, and agract / keep even beger talent here. § So, can we keep the conversaDon going with roundtables, write-ups of events, meet-ups and debates? And can we make it useful – a scene not just an echo chamber? § How: thoughts welcome!
  21. 21. Contact § Please do get in touch if you have any comments or want to be involved §  James – james.caig@truedigital.co.uk (07969 626104) §  Julie – Julie@small-wonder.co.uk (07779 594 514) §  Anna - adonaghey@brayleino.co.uk (07919 556780)