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CV v1

  1. 1. Leysa Henderson (Director, Trainer, Consultant and Coach, Kreative Futures Ltd) 77 Belmont Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 6LG Phone: 07726 926 885  E-Mail: kreativefutures3@gmail.com Website: www.kreativefutures.co.uk Education MSc Environmental Law and Policy Masters at University of Kent PgDip Postgraduate diploma in law at the Law College in Guildford PGCE Post Graduate Certificate in Education at the University of East Anglia BSc Honours Degree in Environmental Science at the University of East Anglia Qualification in Personal Performance in Coaching with the Coaching Academy Masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Edge NLP Master NLP Coaching CPD – Neuroscience, Financial Coaching, Retirement Coaching, DISC training, Values and Beliefs and Confidence Coaching. A’levels – Law, Mathematics, Zoology and Statistics Further courses booked on are: a) Small to medium business coaching b) Advanced master coaching c) Continuous professional development through the Coaching Academy Consultancy Experience for Kreative Futures Ltd Established my own business ‘Kreative Futures Ltd’ - http://www.kreativefutures.co.uk For testimonials on training and coaching see - http://www.kreativefutures.co.uk/what-people- say.html Worked with the Department for Education on establishing Level 6 criteria. Assessed applications for funding with the Greater London Authority and then interviewed successful candidates to ascertain application validity. St Peter’s Middle School in Old Windsor – Coaching, mentoring, training and consulting. Working with the Headteacher, leadership team, teachers, parents and teaching assistants. Facilitated Literacy Leader meetings for the Oxford Diocese Schools Trust (responsible for over 200 academies) Grange Primary School – INSET training in Grammar, Teaching and Established August 2013 January 2012 June – September 2013 January 2015 – July ‘16 January - May 2016 October 2012 to date
  2. 2. Leysa Henderson Learning through History. Worked with individual teachers to mentor and coach to raise teaching standards. Designed the overview for the school’s literacy and the key features appropriate for each year group in each genre. Developed a Maths progression mapping. Blair Peach Primary School – INSET training in Grammar, Teaching and Learning through History, Reading for Meaning, How to plan writing effectivel, mentored and coached teachers in Teaching and Learning, moderated writing in every year group (Year 1 – 6), planned literacy for Years 3 & 4 and designed the yearly literacy overview for every year group. Times Educational Supplement (TES) – advised on subject categories for their website and was commissioned to write a grammatical progression and explanation for KS1/2 teachers (https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/grammar-progression-for- primary-literacy-6452952). February 2013 to date December 2014 Great Holland Primary School – INSET in Teaching and Learning through History February 2015 Delivered a Grammar INSET session through Kreative Futures which was attended by literacy leaders from local schools Interrogated application forms for funding with the Greater London Authority and then interviewed the applicants who made it through the first 2 stages. May 2013 October 2012 Skills Communication: 1. Every day my position as a teacher was communicating complex concepts simply, in order for all learners to access. 2. As a Literacy Consultant, I have worked with all educational stakeholders from training teaching assistants in the complexity of grammar and reading skills to educating parents in test expectations and an understanding of the English curriculum. As well as delivering training on the power and skill of quality questions, neuroscience and coaching skills. 3. When planning units of work, I would model write for each genre plus develop grammar training material to inform teachers on grammatical structures, developing it in a way that is logical and clear. 4. I’m in the process of writing a book for teachers. It is an anthology of texts and genres using accurate grammatical features for pupils to evaluate plus a grammatical break down to improve teachers’ knowledge. Teamwork 1. Quite simply, you couldn’t survive in the teaching profession unless you worked effectively in a
  3. 3. Leysa Henderson team. I love working collaboratively, ideas are bigger and there are other people to celebrate success with. Likewise, if things haven’t quite gone to plan then there is the team to find solutions with. Solution Finding 1. Coaching has been an invaluable technique when working with senior management and teachers to resolve many situations. However, occasionally you need to move in to mentor or consultant mode to affect a solution and therefore change. People only listen to advice when they respect you in your profession. With all solutions they are only as good as the evaluations that proceed it. I always build in a series of post markers to check effectiveness when big decisions have been made. Self-management, Initiative and Enterprise 1. After making the decision to leave teaching, I established my own limited company and have run it for the last 3 years creating a good income but now it is time for a directional change and new challenges using the skills learnt and developed. I am also disillusioned with the state of education; the curriculum does not lend itself to educating our future generations for the future. 2. To continue using my knowledge and skills, I write textbooks plus sell resources on the Times Educational Supplement website to create a passive income. Planning and Organisation: 1. In my last position as a teacher, I was also responsible for assessment, Literacy co-ordinator, Year 6 teacher, Head of the Year 6 Team, taught teachers in the London area both the Improving Teachers Programme and Outstanding Teachers Programme and was only one of 12 Specialist Leaders in Education for Primary Literacy in the country, which required I support schools and educational establishments. With 6 separate jobs ongoing, it was fundamental to be organized and well-planned otherwise you would sink. Technology: 1. Created and manage my own website. 2. With the role of assessment leader and analyzing schools’ results, I have created numerous excel spreadsheets and charts to feedback to the senior leadership team or governors. 3. Prezi, Smartbook and PowerPoint have been used for presentations 4. All my planning and work is on Word documents 5. Taught Scratch programming 6. Work with MacBook Air and ipad 7. Not that phased when I am learning a new programme or working with a different medium. Outside Interests and Activities: 1. Mountain biking 2. Hiking
  4. 4. Leysa Henderson 3. Painting 4. Photography 5. Dancing 6. Horse riding 7. Sailing