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Sea turtle

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Presentation made by a 1st ESO student. They have been studying animals: what they eat, where they live... in an English as a foreign language lesson.

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Sea turtle

  1. 1. SEA TURTLE By: Guido
  2. 2. TYPE OF SPECIES AND DIFFERENT KINDS OF TURTLES This especies is an a reptile Diferent kinds:
  3. 3. WHERE DO THEY LIVE? It lives in the tropical and subtropical seas. It is frequently in the Mediterranean sea.
  4. 4. WHAT DO THEY EAT? Sea turtles are omnivorous. They eat jellyfish, crustaceous or others
  5. 5. CHARACTERISTICS -The adult species measure approximately 90cm long and it has a weight of 135kg. -The colors of its skin go from yellow to brown and its shell is typically brown-green. - Its jaw is big and with many teeth. Aprox. 90cm
  6. 6. CRAM (CENTRE OF RECOVERY OF MARINE ANIMALS) 14 babies of turtle were born 27th October of 2006 in the beach of Premià de Mar, his mother was released for the CRAM (Center of Recovery of Marine Animals)