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Harper collins facebookintro

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Harper collins facebookintro

  1. 1. How to Use Facebook to Enhance Conversation and Drive Results in Publishing Presented by: @DaveKerpen, CEO, @LikeableMedia Harper Collins Training Session #1 Presented by Likeable
  2. 2. what’s in store… • Facebook Overview • Starting a Presence on Facebook • Content Tips • Growing your Presence on Facebook
  3. 3. the facts • THE most popular social networking site with nearly 600 million active users • Instantly connect to others who share your passions and interests • Every interaction on your Facebook page encourages instant virality • Quick and easy platform allows you to share news, information, events, pictures, etc.
  4. 4. understanding facebook profiles vs. groups vs. pages
  5. 5. If you can add a business as a “FRIEND”, it’s not properly set up on Facebook. Individual profiles are for Individuals. profiles
  6. 6. Groups are organized around common interest. Limited functionality, but able to organize large groups of people. Can be public or private. groups Public Private
  7. 7. Established for businesses: Become a LIKER Completely public, don’t need to be a member of Facebook to view HIGHLY functional. fan pages
  8. 8. community pages
  9. 9. how do you get started TODAY? • Build a targeted fan base • Form a loyal connection with fans • Organically spread the word about your brand
  10. 10. the facebook philosophy BUILD. ENGAGE. GROW.
  11. 11. setup your fan page
  12. 12. functional to fantastic • Can be as highly functional as a website • Custom tabs + artwork -Welcome tabs -”Like us” tabs
  13. 13. how to build a FANTASTIC fan page Tip 1: Determine your objectives- who are you targeting here and why? Tip 2: Develop a value proposition. WHY would someone become a fan? Tip 3: Get to know HTML/FBML (or hire someone who does)
  14. 14. if you build it, will they come? Facebook = opportunity to be where the people are BUT… • how will you engage without being annoying? • how will you provide value? • how will you see a return?
  15. 15. tips for engaging fans • Ask questions • Provide value • Post multi-media content • Be likeable!
  16. 16. ask questions Questions are asking for a response. This raises your interactivity level, and grows your page.
  17. 17. provide value
  18. 18. post multi-media content
  19. 19. be likeable! Rise to the top of the News Feed by literally being likeable! (i.e. getting the most comments and likes)
  20. 20. grow your fan page ORGANIC GROWTH FACEBOOK ADS
  21. 21. organic growth • Engage Frequently • Ask your friends to join • INTEGRATE with your current marketing efforts
  22. 22. facebook ads
  23. 23. are the ads working? Facebook Insights and Ad Reporting will allow you to see if your hard work has paid off. Also, use trackable links!
  24. 24. facebook places
  25. 25. the “Like” button
  26. 26. your homework! • Facebook Fan Page Time! • Post An Engaging Status Update! • Create a sample Facebook Ad!
  27. 27. Likeable.com Engage with us @LikeableMedia on Twitter Ask us questions @ Facebook.com/LikeableMedia Or, email me anytime dave@likeable.com thank you! Next up in the Harper Collins Training Series Presented by Likeable: Twitter 101