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Armenia karabakh 9-day-tour

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Armenia karabakh 9-day-tour

  2. 2. Day 1 YEREVANFlight to Yerevan by LOT, Austrian Airlines, Czech Airlines, Air Italy etc.Day 2 YEREVANArrival to Zvartnots International Airport early in the morning.Meeting with travel agency representative. Transfer to hotel. Checkin. Rest. Breakfast in hotel. Preliminary tour in Yerevan city. Visit toVictory Park, view of Holy Mount Ararat and Yerevan city. Walkingtour to Cascade, Opera house, North Avenue, Republic Square. Dinnerin Armenian traditional restaurant. Overnight at hotel. MatenadaranDay 3 YEREVAN– MATENADARAN - GARNI– GEGHARD - YEREVAN(80km)Breakfast in hotel. Visit to Matenadaran, the Institute of ancientmanuscripts. Trip to Geghard Monastery (12th - 13th centuries).Geghard Monastery is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.Drive to Garni temple. Listening the Armenian national instrumentduduk playing in the temple. Return to Yerevan. Dinner. Overnight athotel. Geghard monasteryDay 4 YEREVAN – KHOR VIRAP – TATEV- GORIS (250 km)Breakfast in hotel. Check-out from hotel. Drive to Khor VirapMonastery where the Biblical Mount Ararat reveals its breathtakingsize and splendor. Drive to Tatev monastery. There is new cableway(5.7. km) “Wings of Tatev”, between Halidzor and the Tatevmonastery in Armenia. It is the longest reversible aerial tramway builtin one section only. Drive to Goris. Check-in hotel in Goris. Dinner.Rest. Overnight at hotel.Day 5 GORIS - FORTRESS SHOUSHI – GANDZASAR MONASTERY “Wings of Tatev” cableway- STEPANAKERT (160 km)Breakfast in hotel. Check-out from hotel. Drive to Nagorno-Karabakh.Drive to Shoushi fortress, also known as "Eagles Nest". Shoushi issurrounded on three sides by deep canyons. On the way you will seethe “Tank” Liberation Monument - a restored tank dedicated to theliberation of Shoushi. Visit to Ghazanchetsots Cathedral - a massivestructure with a white stone façade. Drive to Stepanakert– thecapital of Nagorno-Kharabagh Republic. Check-in hotel. Drive to the“pearl” of Karabakh - Gandzasar monastery. The name "Gandzasar”is translated from Armenian as "Treasure Mountain." The GandzasarMonastery is the most popular destination for anyone visiting theKarabakh. It attracts a growing number of pilgrims and tourists fromall over the world. Return to Stepanakert. Dinner. Overnight in hotel. Ghazanchetsots Cathedral
  3. 3. Day 6 STEPANAKERT – ZORATS QARER- NORAVANQ – YEREVAN (350 km)Breakfast in hotel. Check-out from hotel. Drive to Yerevan. On the wayvisit Zorats Qarer - the biggest megalithic compositions of Bronze Age.It has ancient tombs, dolmens or tumuli and over 230 standing stones(menhirs) in its territory. Most historians agree that standing stonesat Karahundj have some connection with religious worship. Its worthto say, that the stones were a particular kind of telescopic instrument,because the stones on the Western side of the complex had through-holes (eye-holes), and fixed to specific points on the horizon and thesky. Drive to the masterpiece of medieval Armenian architectureNoravank Monastery (13th-14th centuries). Stopover in the Arenivillage for wine tasting at the local wine factory. Return to Yerevan. Zorats QarerCheck-in hotel. Overnight.Day 7 YEREVAN – LAKE SEVAN – YEREVAN (130 km)Breakfast in hotel. Drive to Lake Sevan. See monastery Sevanavanq.We’ll organize 30 min cruise by ship. Lake Sevan, known in the ancienttimes as the Geghama Sea, is the "blue-eyed beauty" of Armenia. It isone of the biggest highland freshwater lakes in the world (1900 mabove sea level). In 1938, after the adoption of a decision to use thelake water for hydroenergy, Sevan Island turned into a peninsulaconnected with the land by an emerged shoal. Now Sevan Peninsula,with its two 9th century churches adding a romantic touch it, is the Lake Sevanbest place to admire the beauty of the lake. Return to Yerevan. VisitYerevan Brandy factory “Ararat”.Armenian brandy is the pride of Armenians: it accompanies everysingle wedding and celebration and its story goes back all the way toNoah, when he planted the first wine tree. Yerevan Brandy Factory isthe right place to receive first hand information regarding thetechniques of production and to taste this legendary drink. VisitArmenian market “Shouka” for buying Armenian national sweets, dryfruits etc. Dinner in Armenian restaurant. Overnigh in hotel.Day 8 YEREVAN–ECHMIADZIN–ZVARTNOTS- YEREVAN (50 km) Armenian market “Shouka”Breakfast in hotel. Drive to Echmiadzin, the spiritual and administrative centerof the Armenian Apostolic Church. Visit to Museum of St. Echmiadzin, whereyou will see a Holy Spear, with which Jesus Christ was pierced on the cross. Rideback to Yerevan. On the way visit to ruins of Zvartnots temple. The temple wasbuilt in the 7th century in accordance with the design of Catholicos Nerses III"the Builder". Visit to Genocide museum and Memorial complex inTsitsernakaberd. Free time in Yerevan. Farewell dinner in restaurant. Overnightat hotel.Day 9 YEREVANEarly in the morning check-out from hotel. Transfer to the airport. Departurefrom Yerevan early in the morning. “Holy Spear”