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Mobile Heights is an industry driven triple helix initiative where members like Ericsson, Sony Mobile, Huawei, HTC, Blackb...
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Mobile heights onepager_a4_original_2013-06-13

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Mobile heights onepager_a4_original_2013-06-13

  1. 1. Mobile Heights is an industry driven triple helix initiative where members like Ericsson, Sony Mobile, Huawei, HTC, Blackberry, TeliaSonera, Lund University and the Regional council of Skåne cooperate to boost the mobile ecosystem. By investing in research, open innovation and entrepreneurship the common vision is to maintain and strengthen the region as an international hotspot for mobile communications and its entire value chain. Research Three research centers constitute the base for research within Mobile Heights, ensuring access to world class knowledge for all members. Based at Lund University and Malmö University - closely connected to industry - these research centers covers hardware, software and services; System Design on Silicon (SoS), Embedded Applications Software Engineering (EASE) and Network for Mobile Services & Applications (NMSA) (research) and the new Mobile and Pervasive Computing Instititute at Lund University (MAPCI). MAPCI focuses on research on distributed cloud architecture and also functions as a bridge between the research programmes for the three research centers. A network of strong research environments like Silicon Valley and Boston, and you have the possibility to engage in active research projects. Innovation The Mobile Heights Business Center increases speed to market for innovative, mobile startups. By combining innovation expertise and mobile technology with unexplored patents, market pull and research, this is a community where new companies are founded. At the monthly Power Hour, senior experts from member organizations of Mobile Heights give high quality feedback and share contacts to promising innovators and entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas. The established members get valuable tech and trend scouting in return. Projects Mobile Heights functions as an innovation platform providing cross-sectorial innovation projects addressing global challenges and thus attracting public funding. These multi-disciplinary projects creates possibilities for members to cooperate in creating innovative and competitive solutions to the grand challenges of our future society - solutions leading to international competitiveness in business and research. In these projects, the public sector is often an important customer by demanding solutions to complex societal problems, e.g., Mobile Health and Smart Sustainable Cities. WWW.MOBILEHEIGHTS.ORG Visiting address MOBILVÄGEN 10, LUND, SWE

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