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Taxonomy bootcamp 2017_lindy_roux

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There are many reasons for low taxonomy adoption. Here are the top 5 we see and some ways to avoid them.

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Taxonomy bootcamp 2017_lindy_roux

  1. 1. WHY TAXONOMY ADOPTION IS NOT GUARANTEED Taxonomy Bootcamp, November 2017 @TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  2. 2. COMPLETE THE PATTERN “Our brains seek coherence, structure, and order.” - Bernard D. Beitman, MD, 2009 @TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork 2
  3. 3. WHY ARE WE HERE? 3@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  4. 4. … of organizations indicated in a recent survey that their plan was to deploy their taxonomy across the entire organization. However, anecdotal comments indicated that many of these roll-outs are bumpy at best. -James “Jim” Connelly, CRM, 2010 58% 4@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  5. 5. 5 REASONS ADOPTION FAILS 1. Limited participation 2. Not enough education 3. Becomes outdated 4. Tools not supporting 5. Lack of governance 5@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  7. 7. „A taxonomy that’s good might not be right for the people who are going to be using it…So how do you build the right taxonomy for your people? You talk to them. - Rachel Price, 2016 7@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  8. 8. 0 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.3 0.35 0.4 0.45 0.5 User Participation in Design Management Involvement Designers Knowledge of Organization Communication Strategy. Design Validation Technique Use of Pilot Implementation. Critical Success Factors for Taxonomies in N. America -James “Jim” Connelly, CRM, 2010 8@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  9. 9. WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT Be inclusive ➤ Review ALL existing taxonomies ➤ Interview representatives from ALL parts of the organization ➤ Create taxonomy ambassadors to work with you throughout design and governanceBe compelling ➤ Build buzz early and often ➤ Demonstrate the value of a taxonomy ➤ Where necessary, lay down the law (not a popular topic) Test, and re-test ➤ Test and validate before, during and after the taxonomy design process ➤ Use data on usage, search logs and folksonomy to drive ongoing optimization 9@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  11. 11. „Taxonomies, despite a lot of improved understanding over the last decade, can still be somewhat esoteric to the non-indoctrinated - Zach Wahl - 2014 11@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  12. 12. … of firms that invest in unstructured information-management initiatives won't achieve their targeted return on investment, due to underinvestment in taxonomy building (0.7 probability) -Gartner, 2003 70% More than… 12@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  13. 13. WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT ➤ Don’t assume deep understanding of taxonomy ➤ Educate decision makers, users, influencers, everyone! ➤ Spend time on the benefits and use of taxonomy ➤ Provide perpetual access to training and documentation ➤ Never waste a good teaching moment 13@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  14. 14. EDUCATE FROM A PLACE OF FAMILIARITY Category 1: Caffeine Full Caf Half Caf Decaf Category 2: Shots One Shot Two Shots Three Shots Four Shots Five Shots A black eye and bloody nose Category 3: Syrup Toffee Nut Caramel Vanilla Peppermint Mocha Pumpkin Spice Hazelnut Category 4: Milk Full cream 2% Skim 14@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  15. 15. REASON #3: BECOMES OUTDATED #taxonomiesevolve
  16. 16. „Taxonomies are not artifacts for safekeeping: they adapt and change in coevolution with the efforts of users to make sense of ambiguity, emergence, and uncertainty in their environment. - Knowledge Solutions, 2010 16@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  17. 17. WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT 4 elements critical to a dynamic taxonomy 1. Acceptance: Give up the idea of ‘One and Done’ 2. Planning: Decide on a process for change 3. Communication: Set expectations across the organization 4. Flexibility: Be willing to change the change process 17@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  18. 18. GATED APPROACH Request Folksonomy NLP Usage Analysis Evaluation and Approval Implementation 18@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  19. 19. UNGATED APPROACH Request Folksonomy NLP Usage Analysis Audit and adjustment Automation 19@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  20. 20. REASON #4: TOOLS DON’T SUPPORT IT #SPREADSHEETfromhell 20@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  21. 21. „Taxonomy management tools differ widely in their ability to scale, their complexity, and the components of the TM process that they address. - Richard Medina , 2013 21@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  22. 22. SPECTRUM OF CAPABILITIES Spreadsheets Managers Full Automation Development Deployment Maintenance Governance Usage 22@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  23. 23. WHICH TOOL IS RIGHT FOR YOU Factors to consider when selecting a taxonomy tool: ➤ Where will the taxonomy be applied? ➤ How extensive and complex is your taxonomy? ➤ What is your technology ecosystem? ➤ Who will be managing, applying and using the taxonomy? ➤ How will changes be applied? ➤ What is your budget? (think TCO) 23@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  25. 25. „Without appropriate taxonomy governance, taxonomy designs can quickly fall into chaos, resulting in poor usability and findability. - Claire Brawdy, 2017 25@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  26. 26. WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT Governance includes three key areas: People • The people or groups required to manage your taxonomy • Who is accountable for each step in the process Process • The steps involved in applying, managing and using taxonomy • How decisions will be made and monitored Technology • Strengths and limitations of existing tools • Requirements for additional features/enhancements 26@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  27. 27. PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY Core Team Taxonomy Manager Tech Ecosystem (CMS, DAM, KM Tool, Taxonomy Tool, etc.) Content Managers Content Stakeholders Use taxonomy to find content Request taxonomy changes Oversee taxonomy reviews and changes Manage taxonomy Manage content and apply taxonomy 27@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  28. 28. PROCESS (GATED EXAMPLE) 5. Apply4. Communicate3. Change2. Assess1. Request Changes to taxonomy are initiated by: • Request by content owners • Review of ‘Folksonomy’ tags • Review of usage statistics Changes are assessed by core team for: • Consistency with existing terms and structure • Level of effort in applying changes to content Taxonomy admin makes changes to taxonomy in appropriate systems System or Admin notifies content owners of change in taxonomy Content automatically inherits changes in tags or hierarchy New tags are applied to content by content managers/tools 28@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  29. 29. Q & A 29@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  30. 30. DEFT WE DEFINE AND OPTIMIZE DIGITAL EXPERIENCES DEFT is a collective of agency professionals with end-to-end expertise in creating successful digital campaigns. We pride ourselves on a ‘no- BS’ approach to strategy. We love to roll up our sleeves and spend time collaborating with your team on the right solution for your business and customers. Together, we have decades of experience in content and digital strategy, CMS and digital asset management, user experience and insights. Over 4 continents, with clients ranging from Fortune 500 big hitters to Hollywood upstarts, we’ve led a ton of engagements, including enterprise websites, integrated campaigns, mobile applications and email & social media campaigns. 
 PLANNING CONTENT EXPERIENCE At DEFT, we deliver experiences with the right CONTENT, speaking to right PEOPLE, in the right CONTEXT. 30@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork
  31. 31. VERSED NETWORK BASED ON SCIENCE, STEEPED IN CREATIVITY EXPERIENCE CONNECTED. STRATEGY EXPERIENCE CREATIVE INNOVATION Content Strategy Product Strategy Brand Strategy Migration Strategy SEO Social Media Strategy Personas & Journeys Audience Research UX Design UX Audits & Heuristics Taxonomy Information Architecture Analytics Creative Direction Content Production Experience/UI Design Mobile UI Design Product Design Corporate Identity Startup Consultation Product Development Practice Enablement Community Building 31@TaxonomyBC #TaxoBC @lindroux @digitallydeft @versednetwork