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7 ways to overcome summer sales slowdown

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Summer tends to be a sales lowering period. But there are some tricks that can effectively help in improving summer sales performance. Here comes the list of tried-and-true promotion strategies that will help you overcome summer sales slowdown.

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7 ways to overcome summer sales slowdown

  2. For lots of businesses, summer time turns a "dead" season to "survive“.
  3. So will you sit and wait until your sales FALL?
  4. No. You will read these steps and earn more.
  5. Even more than that.
  6. Why summer sales fall? MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER
  7. Fewer visitors come to your website (fewer people search for you in Google and fewer of them click your ads across the web)
  8. Fewer orders are made by the visitors who come (as less of them actually have a buying intent at that time)
  9. 1. Pick "summer" keywords from your usual keywords list
  10. Check your keywords in Google Trends, to see how their search volumes change in summer. Pick the ones that suffer summer slowdown the least.
  11. Like that.
  12. Take a look at your 2012 traffic stats & pick keywords that performed the best last summer.
  13. 2. Play Nostradamus! Find new summer–specific keyword opportunities!
  14. How? GOOGLE TRENDS FORECAST! Also: popular sport events, scandalous celebrities and so on. Quite likely, you can use the keywords in your summer promotions even if they are not directly related to your business niche.
  15. And… Use local variations of your usual keywords. Remember, when it’s summer in California, it’s winter in Sydney!
  16. Check Google Trends to see if some local variants of your keywords produce good traffic on summertime.
  17. Like that.
  18. Now we’ve got a solid base for keyword research. Find variations of your KW list.
  19. BTW, you can read more about keyword research in this deck. http://www.slideshare.net/LinkAssis tant/seo-basics-part-1-keyword- research
  20. II. Push your site higher in SERP for the "summer keywords" you've found.
  21. 1) Check if any of your site pages are already ranking for summer- profitable keywords. Use Rank Tracker to find out if your site is in SERP for the ‘summer keywords’.
  22. And * if you have found pages that are ranking well for the summer- popular keywords, focus on their further optimization. ___________________________ ** If no pages are ranking for these keywords, create new ones.
  23. 2) Run SEO audit of your site pages. After you found the needed URLs check them for any possible SEO issues with Website Auditor. Fix all HTML coding errors, broken links etc.!
  24. … and finally: 3) Optimize content of your summer landing pages. Use Website Auditor to get a ready-to-implement onpage optimization strategy.
  25. …take a little break in the summer sun and get down to the next task: 4) Find sources to get links from.
  26. Analyze your competitors’ link building strategies and find out where their links are coming from. Use SEO SpyGlass to find out where your competitors get their best links and use those sources for your own good.
  27. Also, don’t forget to: - analyze how your top competitors use keywords in the anchors; - analyze each link source to various SEO-important criteria (domain age, Page PR, domain PR, etc.)
  28. When the best backlink sources are surfaced, start building links!
  29. III. Run a PPC campaign for the "summer" keywords you've found.
  30. Rank Tracker's PPC Research workspace will be of great help in doing that. With the tool you can check your estimated PPC costs and see if it pays to run PPC ads for the keywords. If some of the summer keywords are too competitive, you may consider attracting their traffic with Pay-Per-Click.
  31. IV. Use social media to attract new visitors
  32. Organizing a social media contest you will: - generate more loyal fans; - build up your email list; - drive more quality traffic to your site.
  33. This is what you need to do to organize a successful social media contest: • Brainstorm the contest concept, think of your contest rules and the reward the winner will get. • Spread the word about the upcoming contest on all the available resources (your site, blog, social media communities, etc.)
  34. • Find relevant websites, blogs forums, social media communities to make an announcement about your contest. Monitor the popularity of your contest and measure results. BuzzBundle will be of great help in promoting your contest and in monitoring its results.
  35. V. Run a "Bring a friend" campaign to make clients promote your brand.
  36. Summer makes people more communicative and eager to share, so you are likely to get great results. "Bring a friend and get a bonus“ trick may work well for your sales through the whole summer!
  37. • VI. Make a revision of your paid advertising budget.
  38. 1) Revise your budget on banner advertising. Calculate the average check per visitor in the summer period and cut down on the ad placements where a visitor cost more. The summertime rule is: Cost per visit < Revenue per visit.
  39. • Generally, revenue per visit usually changes in summer. So you need to revise your current PPC campaigns and make sure the bids you pay per click are lower than the revenue per visitor you receive. The summertime rule is: PPC bids < Revenue per visit 2) Analyze your PPC profitability
  40. • VII. Raise your average clients spending.
  41. …so it’s a good idea to: - Launch a "Get a huge discount on the second item" campaign; - Offer some accompanying goods and services; - Make your customers buy more by offering extra bonuses. Summer is a great time for organizing promo campaigns and sales.
  42. …and the most important ingredient of your summer sales success is: keep your mood right!
  43. • and summer sales will heat up!
  44. All images for this presentation are taken from Flickr and Fotopedia. Image credits: • Bring best friend #36 • Organize social media contest #32 • Keep your mood right #43 • Make summer sales heat up #44 • Start building links #29 • Run PPC campaign #30 • Raise your average client spending #41 • Make a revision of your paid budget #38 • Pick up summer keywords #10 • Find new summer specific keywords #14
  45. Facebook - fb.me/LinkAssistant Google+ - gplus.to/LinkAssistant Contact Link- Assistant.Com team and ask for more advice.
  46. You can get even more tips on how to overcome a summer sales slowdown! Just visit our blog and read the article: http://www.link- assistant.com/news/summer-business- plan.html