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4 Big Benefits of Optimising Slideshare Presentations

Link Friends has produced a slideshare presentation on 4 big benefits of optimising your presentation. Take a look to see the 4 big benefits and how they can help your slideshare presentation.

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4 Big Benefits of Optimising Slideshare Presentations

  1. 1. 4 Big Benefits of Optimising Slideshare Presentations
  2. 2. Optimising your Slideshare title When you are creating a Slideshare presentation think about the title as Google organic searches uses the title as a indicator on the relevancy when ranking. Use a title that indicates what your Slideshare presentation Is about. A example of a bad SEO title : Google, SEO, Google Friendly, Optimisation, Search engine Optimisation. Slideshare titles perform well when in “key phrase” searches so it is important not to stuff it with keywords. Read more: http://link-friends.co.uk/member-home-page/#ixzz2r1uG5PIb
  3. 3. Optimising the description in your Slideshare presentation Making sure you use Key phrases in the description will make it informative and relevant. Google will highlight the keywords that you use when people search for them. Don’t stuff the description full of key words for the sake of it use keywords that are relevant to you Slideshare presentation.
  4. 4. Optimising your Slideshare Presentation Anchor v Hyper Adding links to your Slideshare presentation to your website can add value, add links for further information. The confusion is firstly what type of file upload to Slideshare works as we can upload from word DOCX, PowerPoint PPTX and PDF. Secondly there is debate as to whether both Anchor texts and hyperlinked URLs work. This is an anchor text Anchor text this is a hyperlinked URL http://link-friends.co.uk URL was indexed. Always make sure when your are adding links to your Slideshare presentation they go to the relevant pages.
  5. 5. Optimising your Slideshare Presentation Internal Searches Utilse the ‘Tag Option’ when creating a Slideshare presentation, selecting the right keywords is important. Think about what keywords your users will be searching for, take a look at what keywords your competition are using. Tags: Take your time when you are thinking about tags as they are used in the sites internal searches.
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