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Sponsored InMail Best Practices

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Effectively reach your target audience with dedicated messaging by using LinkedIn Sponsored InMail – and skip their cluttered email inbox. Check out LinkedIn Sponsored InMail 101 best practices on using this tool. Sponsored inMail is ideal for boosting conversions through targeted promotions, driving event attendance, or supporting display ad campaigns by emphasizing the key call-to-action.

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Sponsored InMail Best Practices

  1. 1. I Linkedm. SPONSORED INMAIL 101 3) Lesson 1 U. lNiRODOEilONiO E SPONSORED lNN/ DE C O @ Contact targeted Boost awareness Reach audiences in their and drive professionals professional inbox conversions with across desktop on Linkedln tailored and mobile messaging Lesson 2 - - BEST PRAENEES EOR NRNING Q SPONSORED INN/ DE 6: Sponsored | nMai| can come from Brands or People. Match the "sender” with the tone of / the message | nMai| f‘ Alisha Lalvani Short and impactful subject Use descriptions, lines visible in the inbox, to build upon the REEONNENDRTION IS Subject “"6 3'8 WORDS Lesson 3 A ‘TOP WAYS TO BOOST - SPONSORED INNNE OPEN RREES Tailor the Include a Use Linkedln message content call-to-action in targeting to reach for your recipients the subject line your audiences to ensure across both relevance desktop and g} mobile - and have a mobile-friendly landing page l Lesson 4 NERERSE CLICKS Directly align the content of the gjliz». message to the ca| |—to-action. Content includes creative banner subject line message body Keep the Remove any copy audience focused that is by limiting how non-essential. many . r: -—- call-to-actions are ' , /'33) u sed. ,</ ‘KOO -- Linked an 4-