Créez votre marque employeur en quatre étapes faciles

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Créez votre marque employeur en quatre étapes faciles

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    Ask for a volunteer

    First word that comes to mind when you think of

    Starbucks (CB)
    Nike (Julie)

    THANK U!

    The purpose of this is to show you strong brands create a gut reaction, association/connection. Marketers have spent years creating and 1,000s of dollars to create this brand perception.

  • In the traditional sense, this the definition of a BRAND.

    But today, we want to take this one step further and help you begin to think like a marketer….to define and amplify your TB.

    Thinking back to the exercise that we just did….imagine every time you posted a job, send an InMail that you create that GUT REACTION among your ideal candidates. If people knew about and felt a connection to your brand…
    imagine how much easier it would be to attract the right talent
    how much that was decrease your time to fill!

    Then ask: How does your brand come into play when it comes to hiring the right talent?
  • Today, that’s exactly what we hope to help you with

    In this session, we’ll talk through the 4 ways you can bring your talent brand to life by….

    Let’s start with defining your brand
  • Ask: How many of you have researched your company as if you were a potential candidate?

    Follow up with: Where have you searched for information about your company?

    What does each platform represent say about what it’s like to work there?

    How does this influence behavior and does this align to the brand that you’re trying to convey?

    Think about it like this, when you’re sending an InMail or get a candidates on the phone… is your elevator pitch about why your company is going to transform the industry reflected on SM?

    Also bear in mind, really passive candidate aren’t going to take this time to research your company….you need to put the RIGHT msg in front of this, but that’s for later on.

  • So, why is it so important that you get your story RIGHT online?!

    We surveryed. 18K people in 26 countries to find out what matters most when considering a job

    Again, your marketing team has probably done an excellent job marketing your products/services…this matters to candidates at 20%

    They also care that your company is seen as prestigoius and they’ll work with great people.

    But by far, they care that your company has a great reputation as a GREAT place to work.

    If you haven’t done the research to first and foremost determine what your TB, do an audit. See how your brand is reflected online. Then work internally to truly define your EVP
  • Now we’ve defined what our story/TB is online, let’s talk about optimizing our current LI presence which we’ll focus on

    Your co page, career page, traffic to the dif areas and your follower ecosystem
  • Let’s start w/your company page – all of you have a company page.

    Gives a high-level overview of your products/services
    This is where you can post status updates that reach all of your followers
    How you’re connected w/EE
    EE profiles link to this page

    Long, corporate jargon
    NOTHING – not post content, have an image, be complete

    TO DO:
    Assign ownership –
    Add a banner image, associate groups/affiliate pages, content strategy
  • LCP – many of you probably have a Career Page (this

    Every org has a brand, this is the platform candidates are going to go to see what it’s truly like to work at your company. Most candidates (especially those not actively searching for a job) will not leave the social platform they’re on.

    Make it your company page – focus only on products/services

    Banner Image
    Bring your brand (TB) to life! Through images/videos again transparency
    5 links
  • Here’s a great example – EE testimonials

    Automatic branding on all of your jobs

    Reinforce bullets
  • Now that you’ve built your “hub” out and have a strong brand on LI that you’re proud of. How do we engage those already following your company? This is an active, pool or talent that wants to hear from you:

    They’re your instant talent pool and future employees.

    To expand both your talent brand reach and engagement, you can also reach out to targeted talent across LinkedIn.

    Share your employer brand among new audiences and introduce them to relevant opportunities and employer brand messages for your company.

    Followers visit LinkedIn 8x as often as the average member
    Followers have 8X more connections than the average member
    Followers are 40X more likely to comment/like and 10x more likely to share content
    80% of LinkedIn members will follow only up to 6 companies

  • Ask: How many of you are posting status updates on behalf of your company?

    Follow up: Of those who have raised your hands, how many of you would consider your updates “conversational”

    Status update that are short, to the point, and include an IMAGE or VIDEO really resonate best.

    FOR IE

    And if you don’t have a marketing team to help with content, you can aggregate content from the web that is going to resonate w/your audience.
  • It’s critical to consider the appropriate mix of content.

    Based on an audit of what the most successful talent acquisition content teams are doing, we suggest having a well blended mix of content that isn’t JUST your TB (what it’s like to work there, what sets you apart)
  • If you’re like me, we all know you look down at the clock and say “how the heck did it get to be 5PM.”
    Have a schedule to keep you on track. As simple as 10 min Outlook reminder daily to populate it, still react timely to current events.

    Not just for LI share on all social network as well. Many marketing teams may already have a schedule, send them 1-2 posts a week and ask that they post. If they’re nervous about too much clutter….tell them that they can actually right now, for free target their status updates so it only reaches your ideal audience (industry, function, geography)

    A schedule also helps to ensure you’re varying the type and subject of the content. This will come in handy later when you’re analyzing the type of content that resonates best w/your audience as well.
  • How do you know if the optimizations applied make an inpact? We’ll spend some time viewing metrics to better understand the impact of your talent brand initiatives
  • Available at your finger tips is an analytics page, offering insights on your companies’ performance by:
    Seeing how engaging your company updates are
    Understanding more about your follower demographics
    Understanding more about your Career page traffic, activity and demographics
  • Not only do these analytics offer rich insight on your company’s performance, they can also be used to establish goals.  
    Do your follower and career page demographics align with your hiring goals?
    Where do you want to see growth?
    How do you line up with other company’s followers on LinkedIn?
    Where do you want to be?

  • Most of you in this room probably already have a basic career page, but you can also created targeted views that render dif to you based on your background.

    For IE – If you’re like most clients I speak to you’re constantly hiring Sales / ENG. We all know that what makes a sales person tick is pretty dif than an engineer. When you talk to eng/sales prof or send them an InMail you probably tailor the msg. Or at least I hope you do!! This is exactly the same concept.
    ERE article reference

    Can go from a basic Career Page to having many dif views that again will be customized to the person viewing the page so whether that is for you to attract difficult to find talent or you’re expanding globally and you need a page in German…this is the next phase

    Also, after all of your hard work -
    LinkedIn icon is on your website
  • Empower your employees.

    Make sure they represent you well on LI. Are they just listing their jobs title and position or are they bringing your brand to life!
    Check out Lauren’s profile…. Read Profile….her passionate for helping ppl do their best work and help SMB jumps on the page

    Include this in your onboarding process

    Getting EE involved doesn’t stop at the profile

    You now have all of this amazing content being posted to your co page…Ask them to share news from your LinkedIn’s company page. Just a simple LIKE, COMMENT or share can help it go viral and reach beyond their networks and your followers.

    This doesn’t only benefit your company it benefits them as well! It helps your EE stay top of mind among clients if they’re sales professionals for ie, or simply helps them showcase themselves as a SME

    Identify brand champions – and highlight them…maybe on your intranet, bulletin board, table topper..get creative! I used to send “THE social networker T-shirts” to various offices

  • This all starts at the top. Some leaders still don’t want their employees on board b/c they’re scared of EE getting poached or they may say something inappropriate. I think we can all agree that SM isn’t going anywhere. We might as well set some loose guidelines around it and then encourage your EE to help spread the word about your co and how it’s an amazing place to work. Afterall, like attracts like.

    Once leadership if on board, ensure EE know it. Have leaders send emails letting EE know they encourage the use of LI. Once they’ve done that, take it a step further, asking EE to share updates w/their networks about an award you’ve won or hiring needs you have.
  • Lastly, you’ve now done all of this amazing work on LI, ensure you’re continuing your strategy off of LI as well. You can add APIs and Plugins to your corporate website that encourages ppl to follow your company w/a simple click

    You can highlight the right jobs for candidates through our JYMBII module

    We also have a new Alumni tool plugin…
  • Align to your brand
    And draw right emotions
  • Créez votre marque employeur en quatre étapes faciles

    1. 1. Créez votre marque employeur en quatre étapes faciles Cara Barone Consultante en solutions LinkedIn Julie Dragon Responsable de compte LinkedIn #intalent
    2. 2. Qu’est-ce qu’une marque ? #intalent
    3. 3. Définition :symbole, marque, logo, nom, mot, phrase ou combinaison de ces éléments que les entreprises utilisent pour distinguer leurs produits de la concurrence sur le marché #intalent
    4. 4. Quatre étapes pour créer votre marque employeur • Définition • Optimisation • Évaluation • Développement #intalent
    5. 5. Définition #intalent
    6. 6. Faites une recherche sur votre entreprise #intalent
    7. 7. 20% Produits et services 56% Excellente conditions de travail 17% Équipe exceptionnelle 7% Prestige La réputation est le facteur le plus important lors de l’évaluation d’un nouveau poste #intalent
    8. 8. Optimisation #intalent
    9. 9. • Nombre d’abonnés • Visiteurs de vos pages Entreprise et Carrières • Données démographiques des visiteurs Découvrez les atouts de votre entreprise sur LinkedIn #intalent
    10. 10. Utilisez votre page Entreprise pour mettre en avant les objectifs et la philosophie de votre société. Différenciez vos pages Entreprise et Carrières #intalent
    11. 11. Différenciez vos pages Entreprise et Carrières Utilisez les modules disponibles sur votre page Carrières pour développer une identité qui parle à vos abonnés. #intalent
    12. 12. • Redéfinissez le contenu. • Adoptez une approche personnelle. • Concentrez-vous sur l’expérience du candidat. • Développez un discours cohérent avec votre marque. Tirez parti de votre page Carrières sur LinkedIn #intalent
    13. 13. plus susceptibles de postuler à des emplois plus susceptibles d’accepter des InMails de recruteurs des abonnés sont intéressés par des nouvelles concernant des opportunités d’emploi Concentrez-vous sur vos abonnés #intalent
    14. 14. Initiez la discussion avec vos abonnés #intalent
    15. 15. Leader d’opinion et actualités du secteur40% Marque employeur25% Divertissement5% Actualités sur l’entreprise et les produits20% Promotion d’événements10% #intalent Mettez au point une stratégie de contenu équilibrée #intalent
    16. 16. Lundi Mardi Mercredi Jeudi Vendredi Message Nous sommes ravis de vous annoncer que... (insérer l’URL APAC) OFFRE D’EMPLOI : vous aimez relever quotidiennement les défis lancés par vos collègues et vos clients ? Vous avez trouvé le poste idéal pour donner un nouvel élan à votre carrière ! Développer des applications sans pouvoir tester les modifications apportées à votre code en temps réel est un casse-tête. Voici quelques conseils pour vous épargner une migraine : lien Appel à tous les passionnés de technologie de Stanford... Nous serons sur votre campus la semaine prochaine : et si parlions de stages d’été ? Cliquez sur ce lien CheckIn pour vous préinscrire. Le vendredi, adoptez une approche plus décontractée : insérez une photo du déjeuner de l’équipe, une image accrocheuse trouvée en ligne ou une anecdote intéressante. Type Communiqué de presse Lien d’annonce de recrutement Billet de blog Inscription à un événement Photo Audience cible Responsables marketing Concepteurs UX Ingénieurs Étudiants Tout le monde Support de publicatio n LinkedIn, Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter LinkedIn, Twitter LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, PinterestTypes de contenu : Leader d’opinion Marque employeur Actualités sur l’entreprise/un produit Promotion d’événements Divertisseme nt Élaborez un plan éditorial
    17. 17. Évaluation #intalent
    18. 18. Centralisez le tout Sensibilisation Interactions Prospects Recrutement #intalent
    19. 19. • Efficacité des nouvelles • Informations sur les abonnés • Analyses de la page Carrières Interprétez vos statistiques #intalent
    20. 20. Gardez ces questions en tête lors de l’établissement des objectifs Les données démographiques de vos abonnés et de votre page Carrières correspondent-elles à vos objectifs de recrutement ? Dans quelle direction souhaitez-vous vous développer ?Comment vous alignez-vous sur les abonnés d’autres entreprises sur LinkedIn ? Où souhaitez-vous être présent ? #intalent
    21. 21. Développement #intalent
    22. 22. • Adoptez un visuel adapté à vos abonnés. • Développez un contenu numérique attractif. • Créez une expérience personnalisée. Transformez votre page Carrières #intalent
    23. 23. Touchez des viviers de talents clés grâce à des nouvelles ciblées Utilisez les données démographiques des abonnés pour personnaliser la conversation en fournissant des nouvelles ciblées. Interagissez avec des personnes qui ne sont pas abonnées à votre entreprise à l’aide des Sponsored Updates. #intalent
    24. 24. Faites participer vos employés #intalent
    25. 25. Mettez en avant vos initiatives en interne : informez la direction #intalent
    26. 26. Tirez parti des API et des plug-ins #intalent
    27. 27. • Définissez votre identité. • Optimisez votre présence. • Évaluez vos initiatives. • Dépassez les principes de base. Étapes suivantes #intalent