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Brussels Lockdown, Pharma's Biggest Merger Is on the Way. Click to Watch Today's Top Headlines

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is on lockdown for a third day as authorities warn of a possible Paris-style attack. Police arrested 16 people and are still seeking Salah Abdeslam, the suspected 8th shooter in Paris.

Pfizer and Allergan are expected to announce their $150-billion merger today. The deal creates the world's largest drug maker and substantially lowers Pfizer's tax rate.

The US Fed holds an unscheduled meeting today to discuss interest rates. It was widely expected to raise them at a regular meeting mid-December.

IPOs resume today in Shanghai and Shenzhen after a five-month freeze. New rules also come into effect to limit margin trading and prevent bubbles.

"It's this simple and this hard: be personally in charge, but don't take it personally."
- Katya Andresen, CEO at Cricket Media/ePals, on surviving entrepreneurship

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