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Delta suspends flights worldwide, Amazon Japan faces antitrust investigation, and more news.

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Has suspended departing flights worldwide due to a major outage. "Our systems are down everywhere. Hopefully it won't be much longer," the airline tweeted.

Hulk Hogan
And Gawker are attempting to reach a settlement over a $140M invasion of privacy judgment. The talks come a week before an auction that will see Gawker's Nick Denton lose control of the company.

Amazon Japan
Offices were raided by the Fair Trade Commission on suspicion of antitrust violations. The Tokyo-based branch purportedly forced retailers to set prices lower than on other sites.

Is expected to announce its acquisition of Jet.com today. The retail giant is expected to buy the startup for $3 billion, and CEO Marc Lore will run Walmart.com as well as Jet.

"Diversity is certainly a great by-product of investing in companies with Black and Latino founders, but it’s nowhere near the whole nut."
Monique Woodard, Founder & Executive Director of Black Founders

Daily Top Headlines:
Animation: Lucy Clinch
Script: Katie Carroll, Isabelle Roughol
Art: Jacqueline Zaccor
Producer: Florencia Iriondo

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