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The Hard Truths About Entrepreneurship

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Correction: Nicole Cardoza is the founder of Yoga Foster. Her last name is incorrectly written as Foster in the video above.

"Young entrepreneurs may be an endangered species, but universities are pumping tons of resources into attracting the next startup cool kids. Campuses are investing in startup labs, incubators and courses in entrepreneurship. But how effective are such programs for helping students turn their novel idea into a business venture? To get an answer, I reached out to Scott Gerber, the founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), which is an invitation-only network of entrepreneurs age 40 and under. I also spoke to the serial entrepreneur about risk, the barriers of entry and the ill-informed reasons young people jump into entrepreneurship.

"Many millennials turned to entrepreneurship after the economic crash in 2008 because of the lack of jobs. What’s driving millennials in 2015/2016 to start their own businesses?

"If you look at jobs in the U.S., especially for recent college grads, wages have not increased much. Two, technology in general has removed the barrier of entry to entrepreneurship. There’s never been an easier time to get into the game.

"There’s certainly a sexiness to being an entrepreneur, which I actually think is a bad thing. Some are doing it for the wrong reasons. They’re doing it because they saw the ‘Social Network.’ Or they’re looking at the Ubers of the world and seeing these billion-dollar valuations.

"I think entrepreneurship can be an opportunity for those who understand it. But for the ones who are getting into it for the wrong reasons, they’re likely going to fail because they have no concept of what what it actually means to be an entrepreneur."

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