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FBI Unlocks That iPhone—Without Apple, Yahoo Sets a Deadline for Buyers. Click to Watch Today's Top Headlines

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The FBI dropped its case against Apple. Authorities say they managed tounlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter without the company's help.

Has set an April 11 deadline to receive bids from potential buyers. Yahoo is willing to sell its core Web business or Asian assets.

Anbang made a second offer to acquire the hotel chain for $14 billion. That upsets Marriott's own $13.6 billion deal with Starwood.

Virgin America
Received offers from JetBlue and Alaska Air. A deal could be announced as early as next week.

Encouraging more low-income and first-generation college students to getcollege degrees is critical—not just for the students themselves, but for the health of America’s economy.
Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and philanthropist

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