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Writing Themes 2016

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Get inspired! These are the themes we're writing and reading about on LinkedIn in 2015.

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Writing Themes 2016

  1. LinkedIn 2016 Editorial CalendarMonthly content themes for Members JAN What’s the one skill you wish you were better at? Discuss your strategies for improvement, and how you plan to reach the next level. #SkillsGap MIND THE SKILLS GAP FEB What does the “life” part of work-life balance look like for you? How do you unwind, reboot, and refocus? Reveal the creative outlets & passion projects out- side work that make you better at work. #OutsideWork MY LIFE OUTSIDE WORK What’s the hottest position in your industry now? Describe the new jobs that everyone will be talking about in a year — and which roles you’d recommend fleeing. #MyIndustry STATE OF MY INDUSTRY My Metric for Success APR Whether it’s dollar signs or something more intangible like security or flexibility, reveal the one metric you’re optimizing for. #MyMetric MAY JUN IF I WERE 22 What aspects of your industry can you impact sooner rather than later? Walk us through what can be changed now — and how. #BigIdeas What advice would you give to your younger self or those just graduating? #IfIWere22 What does your company or industry need to do differently to build a better workplace? Any surprising results when your company tried to keep employees happy and engaged? Take us inside your ideal place to work. #WhereIWork Think back to the best — or worst — piece of advice you’ve ever followed. What did you learn from it? Would you follow that advice again? #AdviceThatSticks JUL AUG BIGIDEAS:WHATTOCHANGENOW Name a pivotal moment/conversation/ project/opportunity that helped advance your career. Who gave you this big break to get ahead? #BigBreak MY BIG BREAK... What’s the one question that you’re always asked? What’s the one thing you wished more people would ask you? #OneQuestion Which issue would you champion with an open letter? Share the dialogue you’d start with an industry peer or competitor. #OpenLetter How do you find purpose at work? What makes you feel fulfilled? Take us through a milestone, and explain how it motivated you. #BestWorkDay ADVICETHATSTICKS BEST DAY AT WORK THEONEQUESTIONIALWAYSGET MAR SEP OCT NOV DEC AN OPEN LETTER TO... MY IDEAL WORKPLACE Photos: Angelo DeSantis / Getty and Death to the Stock Photo Don’t forget to embed any SlideShare decks and videos in your drafts. Use short-form updates (with photos) to engage your followers. JAN