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The Role of the Boards in Twitter and Volkswagen's CEO Succession

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Read the full post here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/great-minds-think-alike-lucy-marcus-me-volkswagen-twitter-c-abell

Marcus is, of course, a polished, practicing professional on governance with a pedigree in the board of directors dodge that is a mile long (well, 1.6 km because the New York native now makes her home in Europe). I am in the pundit class, which pretends and postures and sometimes thinks things through just well enough to give people who actually know a run for their money.

This time, not so much.

That was setting when Lucy recently dropped into Studio L recently. I was cocksure I was right to think that Volkswagen had acted with despatch when it despatched CEO Martin Winterkorn over the unbelievable diesel emissions scandal, and that Twitter had been dumb and dumber in how it had handled their own CEO succession. I even played the Chris Sacca card, aligning myself with the outspoke Twitter investor, who relentlessly taunted the board he thought was ridiculously slow to make Jack Dorsey permanent CEO.

Lucy thought I was just cocky, and wrong.

How wrong? Listen along with me (for me, painfully again ...) how Marcus puts it all into perspective with the sort of gentle persuasion that actually does get things done at the board level, while I lob decreasingly effective grenades in her general direction.

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