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Nike Suspends Ties with Maria Sharapova, the Supreme Court Shuts Down Apple. Click to Watch Today's Top Headlines

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Maria Sharapova
Tested positive for a banned substance, a drug that was added to the list this year. It's unclear what consequences will be for the tennis star, but Nike has already suspended ties.

Michael Bloomberg
Announced that he will not run for president in this election. He concluded that his independent run would lead to an electoral college deadlock, which would give the decision to Congress.

Digital Books
The Supreme Court declined to hear Apple's appeal of a ruling that it violated antitrust laws by working with 5 publishers to raise the cost of digital books. The company now has to pay $450M settlement for losing the case.

Settled with the FCC over 'supercookies', which helps target advertising without users' permission. The $1.35M fine is small, but suggests the FCC's expansion into privacy regulation.

"I had to pour myself into doing something meaningful or there was no point."
Larry Wilmore, Host & Executive Producer, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

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