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Open a new world of opportunities | Publish on LinkedIn

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Janet Matta writes to share advice with young professionals starting their careers. See how publishing on LinkedIn gave her a platform to reach a bigger audience than ever before--and connected her to new career opportunities of her own.

Learn how you can get started publishing on LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/1G4fudk

Video Transcript:
One of the remarkable things that I’ve found through writing is that it’s helped me kind of make sense of my own professional path.

I think I've absolutely found my calling. I feel really lucky that I'm in a position to work with students and young people and doing work that I really enjoy.

I've often thought about writing a book or publishing articles, and I thought, “Well I'll try publishing on LinkedIn and just kind of see what happens”.

It’s been really amazing to see that while I really identify with a young population, what I have to say actually resonates with a much broader audience than I would've ever expected.

There’s no way that I would've had that audience using any other medium that was available to me prior to publishing on LinkedIn.

I didn’t make these decisions deliberately, I sort of made them with a sense of “I’ll try this out and see what happens and see where it takes me”. And currently it’s taking me to Australia!

I’m sort of in awe of how my career is...kind of unfolding. It’s really sort of a surreal experience to have people reach out to me for advice and to say “Thank you so much for what you’ve written.” because, it doesn’t feel like I’m an exceptional human being...it feels just like I live my life like anyone else. The only difference is that I have less of barrier, I guess, in terms of what I share and in sharing that is why people feel like they can connect with me.

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