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Richard Branson on His New Film, Dealing with Risk and Why He Doesn't Like People Who Say "No"

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Part 1 of the conversation between Virgin's Richard Branson and LinkedIn Executive Editor Daniel Roth.

Click to read more: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/dont-look-down-richard-branson

"When you’re facing certain death, your mind does funny things. You make the most important decisions you will ever make under extreme pressure. If you get them right, with a lot of luck, you live to tell the tale.

"I faced death when I found myself in the biggest balloon ever built, all alone. How I got there, what happened next, and how it changed me, are the subjects of the new documentary Don’t Look Down.

"Rather than facing certain death again, I faced LinkedIn’s very own Daniel Roth in Las Vegas recently to discuss Don’t Look Down. We’ve got five videos from our conversation to share with you, the first of which is right here.

"I explain to Dan how the idea for the documentary came about, the purpose behind my adventures, how to use yourself to promote your brand, the spirit of adventure, and how I got the nickname Dr. Yes. Watch the clip, and look out the second one coming soon. "

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