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Tax overhaul clears the House, Tesla unveils its electric truck, and more news

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The GOP-controlled House approved its $1.5T tax bill on Thursday. Up next: The Senate must approve its version the week after Thanksgiving.
Comcast has approached 21st Century Fox about an acquisition, and Sony and Verizon are also interested, reports the WSJ. The interest comes shortly after reports that Disney was in similar talks — which have since stalled. 
Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s all electric semi-truck, saying it can go up to 500 miles on one charge and would recharge almost fully in a half hour. J.B. Hunt Transport Services said it has already ordered multiple vehicles.
“We're impressed with the fundamentals of the company. The issue is — what is happening going forward?”
--Kathleen Smith, Renaissance Capital principal, on Stitch Fix’s upcoming IPO
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Animation: Lucy Clinch 
Script: Katie Carroll, Lorraine K. Lee 
Art: Jacqueline Zaccor 
Producer: Florencia Iriondo

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