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Tony Robbins on Why The Stock Market Can Make or Break Your Retirement

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Part II of the interview between LinkedIn Executive Editor Dan Roth and Tony Robbins, in which they discuss the current state of finance and 401K.

Watch part I here: http://www.slideshare.net/LinkedInPulse/tony-robbins-influencerinterviewpart-1-finance-401k-economy-leadership-management-53833917

There isn’t a single portfolio manager, broker, or financial advisor who can control the primary factor that will determine if our money will last. It’s the financial world’s dirty little secret that very few Americans know. And of those who do, very few will ever dare bring it up…that’s why I went to Jack Bogle.

Jack Bogle is the founder of the world’s largest mutual fund, Vanguard, and about as straightforward as a man could be. When we spoke for four hours in his Pennsylvania office, I brought up the dirty little secret, and he certainly didn’t sugarcoat his opinion or thoughts.

“Some things don’t make me happy to say, but there is a lottery aspect to all of this: when you were born, when you retire, and when your children go to college. And you have no control over that.”

What lottery is he talking about?

It’s the big luck of the draw: What will the market be doing when you retire? If someone retired in the mid-1990s, he was a “happy camper.” If he retired in the mid-2000s, he was a “homeless camper.”

The risk we all face is the devastating concept of sequence of returns. Sounds complicated, but it’s not. In essence, the earliest years of your retirement will define your laster years. If you suffer investment losses in your early years of retirement, which is entirely a matter of luck, your odds of making it the distance have fallen off the cliff.

You can do everything right: find a fiduciary advisor, reduce your fees, invest tax efficiently, and build up a Freedom Fund.

But when it’s time to ski down the backside of the mountain, when it’s time for you to take income from your portfolio, if you have one bad year early on, your plan could easily go into a tailspin. A few bad years, and you will find yourself back at work and selling that vacation home.

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