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Uber will get billions in new deal, GE announces restructuring, and more news

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Uber finalized a $10B deal with Japan’s SoftBank that will see Uber sell at least 14% of the company, implement voting changes that limit ex-CEO Travis Kalanick’s power, and add six directors.
GE will cut its dividend in half for the third time in the company’s 125-year history. The industrial giant will also renew focus on its health care, energy, and aviation divisions and cut its board from 12 to 8.
Republicans plan to put the House tax bill up for a floor vote on Thursday, per Politico, while the Senate Finance Committee begins to mark up its own version of the tax plan on Monday. GOP leaders remain confident the bill will pass in the House.
“It’s a pretty great reset for the company.”
--Bradley Tusk, Uber investor, on the SoftBank deal
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