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Yahoo secretly scanned emails for US intelligence, it might be bidding week for Twitter, and more news.

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Secretly scanned emails for US intelligence, reports Reuters, who says the scanning system was built without the security team's knowledge. Other tech companies have since denied doing the same.

Announced a number of updates hardware event, including its Verizon-exclusive Pixel phones. Also announced: a new VR headset, a new Wifi router, Google Assistant, and more.

Is expected to field bids this week, reports the Wall Street Journal. Salesforce, Disney, and Google are all potential bidders.

Plans to enter the race to bring humans to Mars, taking on the likes of SpaceX’s Elon Musk. It wouldn’t be the first time Boeing won a space race: the company also brought the US to the moon.

"Google is well-placed to pursue a strategy that focuses on serving the unique needs of a target market of one."
Sami Viitamäki, Executive Digital Director at Havas New York

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