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How arthur bracco found an opportunity to volunteer as a public speaking coach

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How arthur bracco found an opportunity to volunteer as a public speaking coach

  1. 1. H O W A R T H U R B R AC C O F O U N D A N O P P O R T U N I T Y T O VO L U N T E E R A S A PUBLIC SPEAKING COACH THE PROFESSIONAL Recently between jobs, Arthur Bracco was looking for meaningful opportunities to serve his community. In 2013, he discovered ArtReach, an organization that uses the performing arts as tools for personal growth for individuals who have psychiatric diagnoses, on LinkedIn. ArtReach needed a public speaking coach to help its Executive Director, Becca, overcome a fear of presenting in front of a crowd. THE ORGANIZATION Artreach is a unique organization that uses the creative and performing arts as tools for personal growth for individuals who have psychiatric diagnoses. ArtReach has been a Catchafire partner for one year and has completed 4 Catchafire projects. THE CHALLENGE Arthur already has over 20 years in the workforce, but recently completed a months-long training program on sales skills and the art of pitching. He is looking for an opportunity to apply his newly-acquired skills and make a difference at the same time. PROJECT OBJECTIVES ■■ ■■ ■■ Successfully coach a nonprofit leader to become a confident public speaker. Leverage recently acquired professional skills to make the world a better place. Develop a meaningful connection with a nonprofit in a cause area of personal interest. THE MATCHING PROCESS ■■ ■■ ■■ Arthur receives a notification from LinkedIn about volunteer projects of interest. Arthur applies to ArtReach’s project through Catchafire. Catchafire facilitates a two way interview call to help Arthur decide if the match is a perfect fit. “I applied within 20 minutes of getting the email. I have an extensive theater background and a tremendous drive to serve. I noticed that ArtReach has a healing paradigm in a space where one doesn’t really exist. It’s such a practicable program, having people attempt to resume their lives after inpatient treatment through art.” ~ Arthur
  2. 2. THE PROJECT ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ Becca and Arthur discuss goals for the project and design a training schedule. Arthur and Becca meet for six training sessions, including an on-site session, to provide feedback on her presentation style. Arthur provides Becca with daily skill-building homework tasks and periodically checks in to keep her new learnings top of mind. Arthur and Becca utilize Catchafire’s project milestones and check in with Catchafire’s Account Managers regularly to ensure the project stays on track. ■■ After Becca’s final presentation, Arthur presents Becca with a guide that includes best practices and lessons learned for use in the future. “Becca was nervous about developing presentations because she sees things in a flash with so much material it’s hard for her to organize. I am really good at that. I teased out topics for PowerPoint, we walked through the presentation and wrote out the script so she had a base to go forward with.” Arthur’s 30 hour project resulted in $5K saved for ArtReach. THE IMPACT Coaching Becca helped Arthur develop as a teacher, experience a more effective way of giving, and infuse each day of his job search with extra purpose. “This has been great for me. I had one of the best and hardest years of my life. I’ve been unemployed for a while and studying sales, it’s amazing to have something going on concurrently, something I’m confident about and its clearly in service and transferring these skills that I’m learning. This project was tremendously helpful as a practical study of putting these skills to work. I get excited talking about ArtReach and what they do. Connecting with something you know is worth cheering for and supporting, it makes the day shorter. This project gave me satisfaction during a really difficult time.” Following the completion of this project Catchafire worked with ArtReach to ensure that all objectives were met and desired impact was achieved. LinkedIn For Good helps nonprofits leverage the LinkedIn platform to find volunteers. LinkedIn For Good works with trusted providers like Catchafire to ensure high quality volunteer experiences. Catchafire ensures your volunteer experience will be meaningful, enjoyable, and impactful. All of Catchafire’s organizations are vetted and prepared, our projects are well-scoped and flexible, and you will be supported throughout your experience should any issues arise.