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How artreach found a volunteer public speaking coach

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How artreach found a volunteer public speaking coach

  1. 1. HOW ARTREACH FOUND A VOLUNTEER PUBLIC SPEAKING COACH THE ORGANIZATION Artreach is a unique organization that uses the creative and performing arts as tools for personal growth for individuals who have psychiatric diagnoses. ArtReach has been a Catchafire partner for one year and has completed 4 Catchafire projects. THE CHALLENGE Becca, the Executive Director of Artreach has just received national recognition for her artistic contributions and has been asked to give a presentation. However, she has always struggled with public speaking. She approaches Catchafire looking to equip herself with presentation skills. “I present with Second Step players (ArtReach’s theater troop) a lot but I have a terrible time with anxiety and stage fright. I’ve been doing this my whole life and it scares me to death all the time!” ~ Becca CATCHAFIRE CONSULTATION With Catchafire’s help Becca determines her organization’s priorities and establishes three objectives for her project: ■■ ■■ ■■ Transform Becca into a highly skilled public speaker and spokesperson for ArtReach. Integrate the use of an effective PowerPoint into presentations. Receive detailed “Best Practices” report that Becca can use going forward. THE MATCHING PROCESS ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ Becca lists a Public Speaking Coaching project on Catchafire.org. Catchafire lists the project on LinkedIn. Arthur receives a notification from LinkedIn about skilled volunteer projects of interest. Arthur applies to ArtReach’s project through Catchafire. Catchafire facilitates a two-way interview call to help Becca and Arthur decide if it is the perfect fit.
  2. 2. THE PROJECT ■■ ■■ ■■ Becca and Arthur discuss goals for the project and design a training schedule. Arthur and Becca meet for six training sessions, including an on-site session, to provide feedback on her presentation style. Arthur provides Becca with daily skill-building homework tasks and periodically checks in to keep her new learnings top of mind. ■■ ■■ Arthur and Becca utilize Catchafire’s project milestones and check in with Catchafire’s Account Managers regularly to ensure the project stays on track. After Becca’s final presentation, Arthur presents Becca with a guide that includes best practices and lessons learned for use in the future. Arthur’s 30 hour project resulted in $5K saved for ArtReach. THE IMPACT ■■ Under Arthur’s guidance, Becca discovered her most effective public speaking style and gained the confidence to secure talking spots on radio and cable shows as well as conferences. ■■ “I’m excited about future workshops and keynotes! When somebody asks or when I decide I want to do one, I’m ready.” “The wall has come down for me about going to do radio interviews and cable shows. I don’t hesitate because I’ve discovered that I’m good in an interview setting. I’m better in conversation so what Arthur said to me, which was genius, is ‘call the conference you want to do and ask them what kind of slots they have for interview keynotes, so that somebody would interview you like a panel discussion.’ That was really smart because that’s how I show up best. Locking that down was really good!” ~ Becca Following the completion of this project Catchafire worked with ArtReach to ensure that all objectives were met and desired impact was achieved. LinkedIn For Good helps nonprofits leverage the LinkedIn platform to find volunteers. LinkedIn For Good works with trusted providers like Catchafire to ensure high quality volunteer experiences. Catchafire takes the hassle out of recruiting and managing a great volunteer. Catchafire sets you up for success by helping you select the right project to fit your needs and write a compelling posting, facilitate the application and interview process, and intermediate any issues that may arise throughout the project.