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LinkedIn Nonprofit Company Pages: Overview

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LinkedIn Nonprofit Company Pages: Overview

  1. 1. LinkedIn Nonprofit Company Pages Create your nonprofit Company page: If there’s one thing your organization should definitely have on LinkedIn, it’s a Company Page. A Company Page gives you the opportunity to tell your nonprofit’s story, highlight your mission and programs, and share volunteer opportunities and relevant announcements with the LinkedIn community. It also provides an easy and manageable way to track your followers’ engagement. Why create a company page How to make it successful 1. Showcase your brand Present your organization, mission, and stories to the LinkedIn network. 1. Add images Add a background image and logo to the page and always add pictures and graphics to your updates. 2. Establish credibility Your company page formalizes your nonprofit presence, giving assurance to those considering involvement. 3. Spotlight events and opportunities Keep your page current with upcoming activities, calls to action and opportunities to get involved. 2. Grow your followers Encourage your supporters to follow you. Try including it in your next newsletter! 3. Update and post Post brief updates once daily to keep your community engaged. Track the engagement via real time reporting Learn more about Company pages and join the next webinar at http://www.nonprofits.linkedin.com