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Volunteer graphic designer (logo & brand) posting example

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Volunteer graphic designer (logo & brand) posting example

  1. 1. VOLUNTEER POSTING EXAMPLE :: RISC LOGO DESIGN & VISUAL BRAND IDENTITY WORK ENVIRONMENT COMPANY: Re-inventing Schools Coalition COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Re-inventing Schools Coalition (RISC) works to transform education systems using a comprehensive school reform framework set up as a performance-based system comprised of four components: Shared Vision, Leadership, Personalized Mastery, Continuous Improvement. Simply put…We give kids the best opportunity to learn! We are a national educational foundation that supports schools and districts in their transition from a time-based to a performance-based system which results in them realizing their highest learning potential. Our Education Specialists train and coach teachers, administrators, students, parents and community members to design and implement a unique personal mastery system. We’re a bunch of radicals that began our journey by changing how kids learn in Alaska, and now we’re in the rest of the US spreading our unique way of education. When not doing that, we are ski joring across Alaska with our beautiful sled dogs. INDUSTRY: Nonprofit Organization Management, Primary/Secondary Education POSITION JOB TITLE: Volunteer Graphic Designer EXPERIENCE: Associate JOB FUNCTION: Design EMPLOYMENT TYPE: Temporary JOB DESCRIPTION: Re-inventing Schools Coalition is looking for help designing a new logo and visual brand! WE NEED: • Consultation regarding current branding and desired branding objectives • Visual Branding guidelines that includes specific colors, fonts, and graphic elements to build into communications, print and online mediums • High-resolution logo delivered electronically Our clients are educational organizations, usually school districts, who realize they need to change how they teach their students. Our mission is to help them reinvent education and how kids learn-- for all students regardless of their ability or background. We give powerful presentations around the world to empower education organizations to reinvent themselves focusing on the fact that every student is a genius. We have a great product and have proven that it works...we need our logo and brand identity to be as strong as our results!
  2. 2. We have an existing logo and an idea of what we want for our updated logo, as well as a banner logo for our documents and presentations. We use these on FB, our blog and website as well as monthly newsletters to our contacts, and are ready to provide any other information you need. Our logo is in need of an overhaul; it is vague and generic and looks a little too “pre-school.” “LinkedIn for Good Volunteering” DESIRED SKILLS AND EXPERTISE: • Proficiency with design software such as Adobe’s creative suite • Experience creating logos • Portfolio examples of graphic designs you can share with an organization FINISHING TOUCHES HOW CANDIDATES APPLY: Select “collect applications on LinkedIn” or link to your organization’s application page. LOCATION COUNTRY: United States POSTAL CODE: [Organization’s Zip code] Re-inventing Schools Coalition is a Catchafire partner organization. This project and listing was identified and developed with the guidance of a Catchafire Account Manager. Catchafire takes the hassle out of recruiting and managing a great volunteer. We set you up for success by helping you select the right project to fit your needs, write a compelling posting, facilitate the application and interview process, and mediate any issues that may arise throughout the project.