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Volunteer salesforce developer posting example

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Volunteer salesforce developer posting example

  1. 1. VOLUNTEER POSTING EXAMPLE :: LWALA COMMUNITY ALLIANCE SALESFORCE DATABASE CUSTOMIZATION WORK ENVIRONMENT COMPANY: Lwala Community Alliance COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Lwala Community Alliance’s mission is to build the capacity of the people of North Kamagambo, Kenya to advance their own comprehensive well-being. Their various programs in clinical care, public health outreach, education, and economic development impact a population of more than 20,000 people. Kenyan Ownership: Founded by two Kenyan brothers, we believe that Kenya’s challenges are better addressed by Kenyans. By employing over 125 Kenyans through various programs, LCA works to build Kenyan self-efficacy and community responsibility. US and Kenyan stakeholders collaboratively plan, implement, and evaluate major programs. Geographic Focus: We focus to make a lasting difference in a single region. In our commitment to the village of Lwala and surrounding communities, we are building up local capacity as a model for other community development projects. Our founders, Milton and Fred Ochieng’, are featured in an award-winning documentary that illustrates the birth of Lwala Community Alliance. It follows the brothers on their journey from their village of Lwala, Kenya to medical school in the US, and back home to build Lwala’s first health clinic. INDUSTRY: Civic & Social Organization, Hospital & Health Care POSITION JOB TITLE: Volunteer Salesforce Developer EXPERIENCE: Associate JOB FUNCTION: Information Technology EMPLOYMENT TYPE: Temporary JOB DESCRIPTION: Lwala Community Alliance is looking for help customizing their Salesforce database! WE NEED: • A Salesforce database including: a customized set of Salesforce objects, single-record editing of data and field history tracking (up to 15 object types), a customized set of views to allow table-based editing of data (up to 15 views), a customized set of reports to pull data from multiple object types (up to 15 reports) • Migration of our DonorPro database to Salesforce • Training for designated staff member on new objects, reports and views • “Hand-off” documentation on the object schemas and any custom code
  2. 2. The success of our organization depends on increasing the efficiency of our small team, and our ability to leverage current supporter and prospect information. This will allow us to communicate and manage relationships with our supporters more strategically. Your skills will empower us to more effectively use our data to build support for our programs, and ultimately save lives and increase the quality of life for the people of Lwala. We currently have a non-profit Salesforce package, our constituent data stored in excel files, and the ability to provide any other information you need! “LinkedIn for Good Volunteering” DESIRED SKILLS AND EXPERTISE: • Proficiency in Salesforce · Experience creating and/or customizing CRM platforms · Experience in database schema design and light coding FINISHING TOUCHES HOW CANDIDATES APPLY: Select “collect applications on LinkedIn” or link to your organization’s application page. LOCATION COUNTRY: United States POSTAL CODE: [Organization’s Zip code] Lwala Community Alliance is a Catchafire partner organization. This project and listing was identified and developed with the guidance of a Catchafire Account Manager. Catchafire takes the hassle out of recruiting and managing a great volunteer. We set you up for success by helping you select the right project to fit your needs, write a compelling posting, facilitate the application and interview process, and mediate any issues that may arise throughout the project.