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Volunteer social media strategist posting example

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Volunteer social media strategist posting example

  1. 1. VOLUNTEER POSTING EXAMPLE :: FOUNDATION FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT & EMPOWERMENT SOCIAL MEDIA STARTER PLAN WORK ENVIRONMENT COMPANY: Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment leverages the knowledge, funds and direct personal support of global donors to empower communities to maximize economic, social and environmental opportunities, thereby reducing poverty and injustice. Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment‘s philosophy is deeply rooted in and committed to positive sustainable development practices that uplift communities and make comprehensive and lasting change. Sustainable development theory looks holistically at the depth and scope of social, economic and environmental concerns. It can be viewed as a framework by which communities begin to address expressed needs, utilize their own resources efficiently, build on the strengths of the people, create more stable infrastructures, enhance quality of life, and create new opportunities to strengthen economies. We have ensured that our programs offered, partnerships formed, and successes measured will impact the communities in which we work in a just and sustainable way. All our staff and Board are returned Peace Corps Volunteers who continued to work and support the efforts of international development projects. We are passionate about making a difference, traveling the world, and experiencing different cultures. And we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty! Come join us! INDUSTRY: Civic & Social Organization, Philanthropy POSITION JOB TITLE: Volunteer Social Media Strategist EXPERIENCE: Associate JOB FUNCTION: Strategy/Planning, Marketing EMPLOYMENT TYPE: Temporary JOB DESCRIPTION: Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment is looking for help creating a social media strategy! WE NEED: • A document outlining the most appropriate social media channels for our organization, strategies for usage, goals and key metrics to evaluate success • Expert consultation on messaging, scheduling and frequency • Tailored suggestions for style, tone, and types of content to best showcase our work and organization
  2. 2. We know we need to be more strategic and effective in our SM usage, to optimize our limited resources and staff power. At a high level, building support among affinity groups, and enabling people to understand how they can make a personal impact on development, furthers our organization’s mission. Building awareness among engaged and supportive audiences is critical to our organization’s financial and programmatic success. Additionally, given that social media is increasingly important for SEOs, we want to utilize SM work to drive traffic to our website. We currently have two years presence on social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin- our Facebook has 155 ‘likes’. We also have a Peace Corps Volunteer generating materials from our Ugandan site to use for SM content. Our support team for this project includes two Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment team members. “LinkedIn for Good Volunteering” DESIRED SKILLS AND EXPERTISE: · Background in social media, online marketing, or communications · Deep understanding of social networking sites and how to build a following from scratch FINISHING TOUCHES HOW CANDIDATES APPLY: Select “collect applications on LinkedIn” or link to your organization’s application page. LOCATION COUNTRY: United States POSTAL CODE: [Organization’s Zip code] Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment is a Catchafire partner organization. This project and listing was identified and developed with the guidance of a Catchafire Account Manager. Catchafire takes the hassle out of recruiting and managing a great volunteer. We set you up for success by helping you select the right project to fit your needs, write a compelling posting, facilitate the application and interview process, and mediate any issues that may arise throughout the project.