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Volunteer storytelling posting example

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Volunteer storytelling posting example

  1. 1. VOLUNTEER POSTING EXAMPLE :: R.I.S.E WORLDWIDE STORYTELLING WORK ENVIRONMENT COMPANY: R.I.S.E. Worldwide COMPANY DESCRIPTION: R.I.S.E. Worldwide focuses on changing the status quo for international development. Our mission is to be a catalyst to education and entrepreneurship by inspiring generations of youth to become changemakers. R.I.S.E. Worldwide empowers youth, both those out of school and those attending school, to look at their community through a different lens; we encourage children who live in poverty, both physical and mental, to become leaders by creating positive change within their own community. Our model is founded on a theory that when a child is offered the chance to give back to their own community, it increases their own self-worth and their future status in the community. The founder, who you’ll be working with, jumped on a plane to Africa to “live” our story in 2012. INDUSTRY: Civic & Social Organization, Education Management POSITION JOB TITLE: Volunteer Writer EXPERIENCE: Associate JOB FUNCTION: Writing/Editing, Marketing EMPLOYMENT TYPE: Temporary JOB DESCRIPTION: R.I.S.E. Worldwide is looking for help writing compelling stories about their work! WE NEED: • Two different narratives: Our Founding Story & A Story of How We Work/Our Model • Compelling narratives that hold the attention of our reader, conveys our message, and are able to be visually portrayed at a later date • Persuasive copy that can be used in appeals to donors, annual reports, and grant applications The ability to tell a compelling and clear story is what will both separate us from other nonprofits and help carry us into the future. We would like to engage our donors, increase our following and create believers for our cause. We have a complex model that will change the world and we are hoping someone can help us share that message. We currently have both stories roughly written which should make it easy for you to get started. We a founder that will dedicate their time to working with you on the project, and the ability to provide any other information you need. “LinkedIn for Good Volunteering”
  2. 2. DESIRED SKILLS AND EXPERTISE: Excellent writing and communications expertise · Familiarity with narrative writing and storytelling · Ability to conduct interviews and synthesize information · Sample writing that you can share with an organization FINISHING TOUCHES HOW CANDIDATES APPLY: Select “collect applications on LinkedIn” or link to your organization’s application page. LOCATION COUNTRY: United States POSTAL CODE: [Organization’s Zip code] R.I.S.E is a Catchafire partner organization. This project and listing was identified and developed with the guidance of a Catchafire Account Manager. Catchafire takes the hassle out of recruiting and managing a great volunteer. We set you up for success by helping you select the right project to fit your needs, write a compelling posting, facilitate the application and interview process, and mediate any issues that may arise throughout the project.